Online Marketing Conference 2016 Recap – The Best of Campixx 2016

The Event Has Come To An End

After a very successful run at Campixx 2016, its time to recap the event and take a look at the highlights, as well as the things that we would change about next year’s edition.

First And Foremost…

This year’s Campixx was held in Barcelona, Spain from July 20th to 24th. It was an absolutely stunning setting for an event. We had the opportunity to speak with various industry experts about online marketing and how to make our businesses more efficient and effective. Below are some of the things that we learned and will use in our day-to-day operations:

#1 Optimize Your Social Media For More Than Just Facebook and Twitter.

In case you’re wondering, the term ‘digital nomad’ describes someone who works from location to location, either independently or in conjunction with a business. A digital nomad will use platforms like YouTube to share the content that they create and it, in turn, allows the business (in this case, the digital nomad) to earn money off the content. What this means for you is that you should not just be focusing on Facebook and Twitter. You should also be using other platforms like YouTube and Instagram to build an audience and earn money from content that you create.

#2 Use Video Content To Increase Engagement.

If you want to increase engagement on your website, you’re going to want to think about using videos rather than just images. According to HubSpot Blogs research, video content is 47% more engaging than text-based content. When it comes to social media, videos get 4.5 times the ‘like’ rate of photos. Having said that, videos can be a little tricky to manage, especially as a business owner who doesn’t have the budget of a major corporation. That’s why it’s important to find the right video software that can increase your efficiency while having fun with a team of creators.

#3 Measure The Right Metrics To Achieve Success.

When it comes to marketing, we’re always looking for the best and most efficient ways to measure the results of our efforts. For digital nomads and freelancers, this usually means looking at the number of leads (people who have expressed interest in what your business has to offer) or the amount of web traffic you receive. Depending on your goals, you might also want to consider looking at the number of orders or the amount of money spent. Having the right metrics in place makes it easier to determine if you’re making the right progress and whether you should change what you’re doing to achieve greater results.

#4 Automate As Much As You Can.

If you’re looking for ways to increase your productivity, you’re going to want to look into automating some of your marketing tasks. Why? Because having multiple tasks to complete each day can make you more likely to procrastinate. If you have a specific task that you need to complete (such as sending out a monthly newsletter), you can use tools like Mailchimp or Aweber to handle the task for you. You can even set up automated emails to send to new subscribers as soon as they register on your website or social media platforms.

#5 Test, Measure, Learn, And Repeat.

The best way to improve as a marketer is by constantly testing new ideas, techniques, and metrics that you come across. Some of these tips and techniques might work for you, while others might not. By continually learning from mistakes, you can become a more efficient and effective marketer. The key is to find what works best for your business, measure it regularly, and then put into practice what you learned.

#6 Focus On What You Can Control.

Rather than getting discouraged by what you can’t control (like fluctuations in the Euro or the dollar), learn to be happy with what you can control (like the quality of your content or the number of people who engage with your content). If you want to be able to control the variables that impact your success, you’re going to need to focus on what you can control. This might mean, reducing the number of platforms and channels that you’re participating in, focusing on those that have the most potential for growth.

So, while a lot of the content shared during our chat with experts was incredibly useful, the most important thing that we took away from this year’s Campixx was the value of perseverance. In a world full of unpredictable change, it’s easy to be discouraged by what you don’t know. However, the only way to learn is by doing. Although it might be a bit of a struggle at first, continuing to invest in yourself and your future is ultimately the best decision you can make.