Online Marketing in Kassel: A Quick Guide

When it comes to digital marketing, many entrepreneurs and business owners in Kassel consider themselves to be lacking the necessary skills or knowledge to be able to effectively use the various tools and platforms that are available. To address this, we’ve compiled a small list of dos and don’ts to help you become more proficient in using digital marketing to its fullest potential.


Focus on the users and not the tools – Although much thought and planning is usually put into choosing the right digital marketing tools for your business, it’s important to keep your users in mind at all times. Do you have a blog? What type of content do you write about? Make sure that the content you produce is useful and that you’re catering to the needs of your target audience. For example, if you’re targeting small businesses owners, make sure that your content is geared toward providing them with marketing advice or tips that will help them improve their businesses.

Don’t be afraid to try new things – Everyone is a beginner once, so instead of following the herd and opting for the ‘popular’ choice in tools or techniques, why not try out something new that will help you improve your position as a marketer? If you see an area of digital marketing in which you feel comfortable and confident, then by all means, dive into it and don’t be afraid to experiment. However, if you feel that this is an area in which you lack experience, then it’s probably best to not risk getting burned by trying something new that you aren’t fully equipped to handle. Think of all the extra effort you’ll save by avoiding these trial and errors.


Avoid anything that has to do with marketing for money – Although there is nothing wrong with getting paid to do what you love, many marketers will advise you to steer clear of anything that has to do with ‘selling’. For example, if you love to blog, but hate getting approached by companies that want to pay you to blog about their products, then it’s best to avoid affiliate marketing and any other type of paid marketing. Being a full-time marketer is already enough of a struggle; trying to make money online through marketing isn’t worth your time.

Avoid trying to be clever – You’ll often hear experienced marketers say that creativity is key, and while they may be right, going overboard with your creativity can actually hurt you instead of help you. Sometimes it’s better to keep things simple and effective. In these cases, using a simple email campaign with some text link promotion isn’t a bad idea. To get started, you can use a free tool like MailChimp to create and send out your email campaigns. Don’t get too fancy with your creativity until you’ve tried simple, effective strategies and then see how your business grows.

Key Takeaways

These few tips should help you become more proficient in using online marketing in your business. As you may imagine, this is a constantly evolving field, and new tools and platforms are being developed and launched all the time. To stay current, it’s important to frequently check in with industry news websites like Marketwatch and Digital Marketing Bloggers to keep abreast of all the latest developments and to be able to apply what you learn.