Online Marketing Jobs Outlook in Raleigh, NC

As digital marketing becomes a preferred tool for all B2C marketers, opportunities abound for those seeking to enter the field. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, digital marketing jobs will grow by 19% from 2014 to 2024.

With the constantly evolving world of digital marketing, it’s important to keep up with the times and remain flexible enough to adapt. Fortunately, the digital marketing job market is ripe and offers numerous opportunities for those seeking to enter the field.

Top Reasons to Work in Digital Marketing

Here are the top reasons why digital marketing is a worthwhile field to work in.

1. It’s In Demand

With countless job opportunities available, it’s evident that digital marketing is a sought-after field. Companies like HubSpot, which provides inbound marketing software, see around 30,000 new jobs enter the market every year.

MarketingCharts reports that there were more than 400,000 job postings related to digital marketing and social media on LinkedIn alone as of January 2019. Additionally, according to Zipcode Analytics, there will be more than 1.5 million job opportunities in marketing and advertising in 2019.

2. The Competition Is Stiff

Although job opportunities abound, earning a living as a digital marketer is certainly competitive. MarketingCharts states that the average salary for a digital marketer is around $75,000 per year, but can vary widely depending on experience.

According to LinkedIn, the average annual wage for a career digital marketer is $75,000. However, some of the highest paying cities for a digital marketer are New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, where the average annual wage is around $100,000. These prices don’t include any bonuses or additional earnings from commissions or other sources of revenue.

3. There Are Plenty Of Opportunities For Those Seeking To Advance

For those seeking to advance in the field, MarketingCharts reports that there are plenty of positions available at all experience levels. From entry-level jobs to more established positions, there is a career path for everyone.

Even with so many opportunities, it’s important to set some goals and achieve them. According to HubSpot, having a solid foundation in digital marketing, SEO, and content creation will provide you with the skills necessary to succeed in this field.

4. The Job Market Is Worthy Of Attention

Even those without a formal education in marketing can successfully enter the field and make a valuable contribution. According to HubSpot, having a sound knowledge of SEO, content creation, and social media allows those with no formal education to successfully compete for jobs in the industry.

With so many talented individuals entering the field, job seekers may find it difficult to stand out. To ensure you stand out, focus on building your skills and achieving excellence in those areas.

5. The Job Market Is Mature

Although many industries evolve and mature with time, the digital marketing job market is particularly suited to doing so. Thanks to the influence of the internet and social media, the entire field is evolving and changing as we speak. As a result, workers in the field can expect to keep adapting and learning new things as necessary. In fact, you’ll be doing a lot of that yourself as a digital marketer.

What Will the Future of Digital Marketing Look Like?

The field of digital marketing is changing rapidly as traditional marketing jobs become increasingly unavailable. Thanks to the web and social media, all types of marketing activities, including digital marketing, become available 24/7. This is undoubtedly changing the way we will all communicate in the future.

According to HubSpot, due to the evolving nature of digital marketing, it’s critical for job seekers to periodically re-evaluate their skills and knowledge. Additionally, it’s important to remain constantly aware of trends and stay abreast of the times. This ensures you will never be outdated and can continue providing your clients with value and fresh ideas. In summary, as the world of digital marketing continues to evolve, job seekers will need to remain flexible and committed to continual learning, especially at the beginning of their career.