Online Marketing Jobs in Kentucky: How to Teach Online Marketing

Even though the pandemic has knocked the door of opportunity wide open, it has hardly prevented the world from spinning its wheels. People around the world are still searching for ways to make ends meet, and the ways they choose to do so vary from region to region. For some, it is a matter of going back to basics and trying to provide for their families as best they can, while for others, the desire for adventure has driven them to take the plunge and attempt to strike it rich in the online world. The truth is that for many, working remotely has become the new normal, and so has entrepreneurship. You might even call it the new golden era of jobs and opportunities.

One of the industries that has managed to thrive in this new normal is marketing. The need for marketing campaigns has not disappeared, but it has been transformed. Having the ability to work remotely has enabled marketers to establish themselves as some of the most in-demand professionals in the world, and the opportunity to advertise and market products online has only served to make their jobs more versatile and interesting. Here are just a few of the online marketing jobs that exist, and what careers might lie ahead for those who choose to specialize in this field.

Marketing Specialist

A relatively new specialization within the field of marketing is marketing specialist. A marketing specialist is someone who has specialized knowledge in marketing strategy, market research, and marketing performance. Thanks to online marketing opportunities, marketing specialists can now work remotely and take on projects anywhere in the world. Along with this comes a great degree of versatility. A marketing specialist can take on projects in a variety of industries including marketing, advertising, and new product development. With a Master’s degree in Marketing, you can expect to earn about $100,000 a year, depending on your experience. For those looking for a more entrepreneurial venture, they can choose to become a marketing consultant, working remotely for clients and providing advice on marketing strategy, performance, and best practices. Additionally, a marketing specialist can expect to work remotely about 40 hours a week, giving them ample time to pursue their other interests. The work can be quite demanding, as much as 80 hours a week might be common, but thanks to remote working, marketing specialists can tackle these responsibilities and still have time left over for hobbies, families, and friends. This marks a significant transition, as marketing has always been a behind-the-scenes activity, and it used to be considered a ‘female’ profession. Thanks to the versatility and world-class job opportunities that exist in the field of online marketing, more and more people are considering a career in marketing, and this is changing the perception of the field as we know it.

SEO Strategist

The SEO (search engine optimization) specialist is trained to improve a site’s organic search ranking in search engines. An SEO strategist is someone who takes an in-depth look at a business’ online marketing strategy and puts together a plan to optimize a site. They might analyze the competition, the site’s performance in organic searches, and how to drive more traffic to the site. Typically, an SEO strategist will work remotely, but they will need to conduct on-site research and analysis as well as consult with the client to establish actionable SEO strategies. The annual salary for an SEO strategist is about $100,000, and experienced professionals can expect to earn about $120,000 a year. With so much demand and such excellent job opportunities, the SEO specialist is a worthwhile career choice for those seeking a career in marketing.

Digital Marketing Manager

The position of a digital marketing manager is similar to that of an SEO strategist, but a digital marketing manager is in charge of all digital marketing activities, including SEO, search marketing, content marketing, and social media. Typically, a digital marketing manager will work remotely, taking on projects and handling day-to-day activities as necessary. A Master’s degree in Marketing and/or a Business Administration is necessary to enter this field, as you will need to have solid understanding of accounting principles, research methods, and ability to prioritise amongst a host of responsibilities. The annual salary for a digital marketing manager is about $105,000, and with great responsibility and a high degree of project management, the job offers a fulfilling career for those seeking to advance their career.

Online Marketers

The online marketer is someone who creates marketing campaigns on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These marketers use online tools such as HubSpot and MailChimp to create campaigns, track the effectiveness of these campaigns, and optimize their efforts. An online marketer can work remotely, taking on projects and handling the day-to-day activities as necessary. A Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or Advertising is necessary to enter this field, and the annual salary for an online marketer is about $80,000. This is a relatively new role, developed as a result of the need for marketers who can understand the basics of computer programming, design, and analytics. As the role of marketing has evolved, so has the field of online marketing, with more and more specialization emerging.

Paid Marketing Associate

A paid marketing associate is someone who creates and manages marketing campaigns for clients on social media platforms. These campaigns typically require a marketing budget, so the paid marketing associate is in charge of raising funds to pay for the marketing activities. While the work is more hands-on than that of an online marketer, the responsibility and impact are greater. Paid marketing associates work primarily on commission, and the average salary is about $85,000 a year. Those seeking a more technical role might consider this a stepping stone to a more rewarding career, as the job involves the analysis of user behaviour, campaign performance, and the implementation and optimization of marketing strategies. With the emergence of more technical specializations within the industry, more and more people are able to find careers that suit their interests.

Content Marketers

Content marketing specialists are responsible for creating relevant and valuable content for specific groups of people. This content may be promotional in nature, or it could be educational and assist with product or service awareness and adoption. In either case, the content producer uses the right tools to reach their intended audience. Typically, content marketing specialists work remotely, taking on projects and producing content as necessary. A Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and/or a Business Administration and at least one year of experience are necessary to enter this field, with the annual salary ranging from about $90,000 to over $100,000, depending on the experience and the size of the company. This is a career choice that is both rewarding and versatile, giving those with this specialization the ability to work remotely as well as tackle the content creation process. Content marketing is a very new field, having emerged as a result of the increased specialization within marketing. It combines both online and offline marketing activities, using the internet as a means to spread the word about a brand or product.