Online Marketing Jobs for Students – The Lowdown on the Best Online Marketing Job Opportunities for Students

If you’re in college, you’re undoubtedly aware of the abundance of opportunities that exist online. Not only does the web provide an outlet to explore new subject matters and gain valuable industry experience, but the internet also acts as a whole new digital marketplace where you can build your personal brand, find customers, and showcase your talents.

Though the digital landscape may be replete with chances for students, not all of them are created equal. There are certain online marketing job opportunities that are better suited for college students than others. Not all online marketing jobs are created equal, and you must understand the specific qualifications and skills required for each role. Without further ado, let’s delve into the best online marketing job opportunities for students.

Digital Marketing Specialist

One of the more obvious careers related to online marketing is that of a digital marketer. A digital marketer is an individual who manages online advertising and conversion campaigns for brands and businesses.

The scope of work of a digital marketer is varied and can include everything from setting up automated email and social campaigns to measuring the effectiveness of these campaigns. Basically, a digital marketer is someone who manages all aspects of a digital marketing strategy for a brand or business.

A digital marketer does not have to have experience in running paid advertising campaigns to be eligible for the role. Due to the nature of the role, most digital marketers will have some experience in marketing and advertising. Additionally, since digital marketing is a hybrid job role, some degree of technical proficiency in digital marketing is required.

A digital marketing specialist position requires a strong understanding of marketing analytics, and the use of various software applications such as Google Analytics. A good knowledge of website design and conversion optimization is also fundamental to being a digital marketing specialist. A specialization in digital marketing, or a marketing job role that focuses on digital strategy and execution, is something that can be pursued after earning a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

Web Developer

Speaking of bachelor’s degrees, it wouldn’t be academic fraud if I didn’t mention that a bachelor’s degree in web development can land you an online marketing job. Web developers build and maintain websites and applications for businesses.

The specific duties of a web developer vary from one project to the next, but the general responsibilities include creating and maintaining custom websites and applications for business.

You don’t need to have a background in web development to become a web developer, but it certainly helps. Due to the constantly evolving nature of the field, having a solid grasp of web design, HTML, and JavaScript is a must. Additionally, software applications such as WordPress are integral to virtually every online business or brand, so having familiarity with these applications can be beneficial.

The demand for web developers greatly outstrips the supply, and as a result, there is often great scope for advancement, competitive pay, and job satisfaction. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in web development, now may be the right time to consider doing so.

Content Marketer, Copywriter, or Journalist

While a bachelor’s degree in web development can land you an online marketing job, not all of them will be related to creating and maintaining websites. According to Wikipedia, content marketing is defined as “the marketing and promotion of a product or service by creating and distributing valuable and engaging content to attract, convert, and retain potential customers.”

The content marketer is someone who creates and distributes this content (typically in the form of blogs, articles, or videos) to help businesses and brands build their online presence and expand their reach to new audiences. Additionally, a copywriter specializes in creating content for businesses, products, and websites. A journalist covers various news stories, typically focusing on business-related news stories in their area of specialization.

These three job roles usually require a bachelor’s degree, and having a decent amount of experience is also necessary. Due to the constantly evolving nature of the field, those who enter these professions frequently find themselves developing new skills and improving their existing knowledge base. In terms of compensation, a content marketer can expect to earn a median salary of $47,500 per year, while a copywriter can look forward to earning a median salary of $45,400 per year. A journalist, typically, earns a base salary of $27,000 per year, plus some extra compensation for big stories. Since these roles are often freelance positions, you can expect to earn a commission on any work that you produce. The ability to work remotely, as frequently required, is also an advantage of these professions. This freedom makes it much easier to participate in any way that you choose in the rapidly evolving world of online marketing.

Account Manager, Demand Generation Specialist, or Marketing Analyst

A marketing analyst typically conducts market research, evaluates data, and produces analysis and reports for businesses. An account manager’s primary duty is to oversee the financial and marketing strategies of a business or brand. A demand generation specialist creates marketing plans and measures the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

The scope of work of an account manager involves managing the day-to-day operations of a business or brand. This could include everything from creating marketing plans, to analyzing sales data, to producing monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports. Additionally, a demand generation specialist creates marketing plans and measures the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Due to the volume of work, experience in a similar role is invaluable. To further streamline things, accounting and finance, marketing, and business degrees can help you get there faster. A marketing analyst who is also a Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) can expect to earn a median salary of $67,500 per year, and a demand generation specialist can expect to earn a median salary of $51,400 per year. Remote working is also possible for those in these roles, which makes it much easier to balance work and life responsibilities. This position frequently requires a bachelor’s degree in business or economics and either accounting or marketing experience. Having a marketing degree may also be sufficient for some of the responsibilities of this role.

Though each of these roles may sound fairly straightforward, there is, in fact, a great deal of variety and scope involved. This makes it difficult to pinpoint exactly what specific skills and qualifications you should be looking for when applying for a job in marketing, especially since this is such a broad field. If you’re just entering the field and wondering which role to break into, consider your interests and strengths, as well as what you hope to earn in the long term. This should help you determine which role is most appropriate for you.