Online Marketing: India

The Indian market is one of the most exciting in the world. According to Statista, there were 478.9 million Internet users in India in 2018, and the country ranks fifth worldwide in terms of the number of people online. The opportunities for online marketers in India are endless. If you can master the art of online marketing in India, you can master it anywhere.

Why India?

There are a number of reasons why Indian buyers might choose to purchase goods and/or services from overseas companies. First, online shopping in India is incredibly convenient: all you need is an Internet connection, mobile phone (with data plan), and a credit card. Second, online marketing in India offers a variety of ways to approach the market and find customers. Third, the country is home to some of the world’s best shopping malls and online marketplaces, where you can find anything and everything you want. Finally, the Indian economy is growing rapidly, so there are plenty of consumers with plenty of money to spend.

The Role Of Online Marketing In India

While it would be wonderful if all forms of marketing were digital, online marketing in India plays a very important role. According to HubSpot Blogs research, 86% of marketers in India prefer to use the Internet to find new customers, and only 1% prefer to use traditional methods. Additionally, 86% of marketers in India use social media to grow their business, and just 2% rely on email marketing alone.

It would be a missed opportunity if marketers don’t take advantage of the fact that so many people in India have an Internet connection and are active on social media. This is especially important because many potential customers might not even be aware of the existence of a brand, much less know what it offers. By appearing in peoples’ social media feeds, brands can gain credibility and make an impression that will hopefully lead to sales.

The Importance Of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of the most important aspects of online marketing in India. The majority of people in India use search engines like Google to find what they want, so it’s imperative that brands’ websites are ranked high in Search Engine Results (SERPs). To achieve high rankings, SEO marketers strive to ensure that their websites are both informative and entertaining, as well as incorporate key words and phrases throughout the content.

The goal of SEO is to have the most amount of relevant traffic to a website as possible. When performing SEO on an existing website, the first thing to check for is whether or not the keywords and phrases you are using appear in the right context within the text. You want to avoid using too many long-tail keywords that don’t make much sense in context. Instead, use short, precise keywords that will make sense to a human reader and have the most potential to drive traffic to your website.

The Rise Of Online Marketplaces In India

E-commerce is quickly becoming a dominant force in the Indian market, especially in major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. In fact, 86% of consumers in India buy products and services online. What’s interesting is that while these consumers buy largely from international online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, 12% of online sales in India happen in local markets operated by big-name Indian brands like Reliance and

Local markets are likely the best place to get prospects interested in your products and services. After all, if they live near a store that sells your product, they are probably already familiar with it and might see it as a natural progression to buy it online as well. Additionally, many big-name brands have large followings on social media, which means they can potentially reach a massive audience and make the most of their reputation in driving leads to their website.

The more an e-commerce marketplace in India can offer, the more consumers will want to participate. Currently, many Indian marketplaces only offer local search, so they don’t yet have the tools to be able to market to a nationwide audience. However, with the emergence of mobile phones and the growth of Internet usage, these marketplaces will soon have the capability to serve all of India.

The Future Of Online Marketing In India

The future of online marketing in India looks incredibly promising. Not only does the country have a large population of Internet users who are eager to discover new brands, but the infrastructure is also in place for marketers to capitalize on that market. India now has more shopping malls and supermarkets than ever before, as well as numerous online marketplaces that allow for seamless shopping from anywhere in the world.

As this trend continues, more and more consumers will become aware of the existence of a brand, especially if that brand can be found online. According to HubSpot Blogs research, 92% of consumers in India prefer to research products and services online before buying them in real life, so it’s imperative that marketers have a strong online presence.

With mobile phones and the Internet at our fingertips, the world is becoming a smaller place, which means prospects can be found anywhere. As a business owner or manager, it’s important to understand the importance of having an online marketing strategy in place to maximize your chances of success.