Online Marketing in Korea


People tend to use the internet for different reasons. Some like to socialise, while others want to find information or shop online. Whatever your reasons for using the internet, you are sure to discover an online marketing tool that can help you grow your business.

Korea is a technologically advanced country and has a very high internet usage rate. It is also one of the world’s leading economies when it comes to e-commerce. If your business is internet-based, then Korea is certainly a place to be. It would be a shame to neglect this opportunity and potentially miss out on a huge market. That’s why, as an entrepreneur, you might decide to set up an online store in Korea.

Why Are People Using the Internet in Korea?

The most popular method of accessing the internet in Korea is through mobile phones. Many people use various apps to connect to social media platforms, shop online, or look up information. If you are opening an online store in Korea, then you best be sure to invest in a strong brand identity and great website design. The combination of these two elements will make your site stand out among the competition.

The rise of the internet in Korea dates back to 2010, when mobile phones were introduced with 4G access. This paved the way for businesses to have a virtual presence and allow customers to browse products from anywhere. Additionally, the spread of mobile phones also meant that more people had access to the internet and digital devices. In other words, the internet really took off in Korea.

To follow suit, many entrepreneurs and businesses started to take advantage of the internet’s global reach. They became digital nomads and started selling their products online. Additionally, with the surge of online shopping in Korea, a growing number of people are discovering the comfort of shopping with a mouse rather than a person. It’s not just limited to luxury brands or expensive items, either. One of the biggest impacts of the internet in Korea is that it has opened up new opportunities for people and brands alike. With more people using the internet and mobile phones in Korea than ever before, digital nomads are able to reach a larger audience than ever before.

What Types of Marketing Can You Use In Korea?

Depending on your resources and what types of marketing methods you are use to, you will have the opportunity to utilize different marketing tactics in Korea. If you have a budget and can afford to hire staff, you will most likely want to focus on SEO and paid media. If you are looking to engage with your audience through content marketing, then content platforms like Blogger and Twitter are ideal for reaching a wider audience.

SEO in Korea can be tricky, as Google is really the gatekeeper to organic search results. When developing your SEO strategy, you will of course want to ensure that you are maximising each of your key words and phrases. When doing business in Korea, you will want to make sure that your SEO is effective and that you are ranking high on the organic search results for your chosen keywords. When it comes to paid media, you will need to make sure that your target audience is actually reading and engaging with your content. The most effective strategy is to use platforms like Google Adsense to gain monetisation from your site’s content.

Where Can You Find Potential Customers In Korea?

When developing your marketing strategy for Korea, you will want to consider the country’s geography and major cities. Depending on where you are located and what types of product you sell, you might have different marketing requirements. For example, if you are located in Seoul and your product is designed for customers in Korea, then your marketing will have a distinct edge over other international entrepreneurs. Similarly, if you are opening an online store in a smaller city, then you will need to consider what types of marketing would be effective there.

With so much talk of e-commerce in Korea, it’s easy to assume that the population is solely made up of internet shoppers. While it’s true that the majority of internet users in Korea are shopping online, this is certainly not the case. The internet has also given birth to “cyber cafes”, where customers can connect to the web privately and at their leisure. If you are looking to reach this audience, then public libraries and schools are a great place to start. Additionally, if you are near a university or college, then you can find students to help you establish customer bases and gain credibility in your market. As the internet expands its reach and more people gain greater access to it, businesses will want to take advantage of this trend and be present on the platforms that people use regularly.