How to Market in Argentina

Argentina is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, and with a population of only about 33 million people, it certainly has the money to spare on marketing and advertising. The country prides itself on its gastronomy, with world-class chefs and a rich heritage of baroque churches and plazas that are ripe for snapping pixesque portraits and indulgent lunches.

Argentinean cuisine is a mix of Spanish and French influences, and it is extremely popular–especially with tourists. Wine is another popular export, and vineyards throughout the country are festooned with bunting and have busy cellars churning out premium bottles.

According to the Argentinian government, about 85% of the population drink wine, and about 97% like to cook with it. So what is a wine-loving marketer to do?

Find the gastronomy market. While Argentina’s location and climate are unrivaled, the perfect truffle comes from Piedmont, Italy. There is also a lot of competition from Chile, which is only a short flight or a luxurious bus ride away. So, if you are selling truffles, you might want to consider focusing on the Argentinian market.

The Argentinean Market

According to the Argentinian government, about 85% of the population drink wine, and about 97% like to cook with it. So what is a wine-loving marketer to do?

Argentine wine production increased by 25% in 2014, and the industry is looking for growth markets, especially in the luxury segment. One-quarter of Argentinian households are considered to be ‘affluent’, and they are attracted to high-quality products that are a combination of sophistication and tradition. They seek good value for their money and expect the same for their wine.

The wine market in Argentina is currently worth around US$16 billion a year, and it is expected to double in size by 2020.

The majority of Argentine wine is produced in the Mendoza region, with the variety and quality of the fruit seemingly unmatched. It is fair to say that Argentina is world-class when it comes to wine, and it is certainly one of the most interesting markets to keep an eye on.

Unique Selling Proposition

Argentine wine is a diverse category, with great values to be found everywhere from sparkling wine to super-tasty dessert wines. This is great news for any brand or business, as it means there is plenty of room for growth and unique selling propositions (USPs).

A key aspect of a distinctive business or product is the ability to stand out from the crowd. In the case of wine, this can mean creating a niche for yourself in the marketplace by offering an affordable luxury alternative to the mass-produced, low-cost bottles flooding the supermarket shelves. For example, you could offer a range of luxury Chilean reds that are not exported due to the country’s restricted quotas, or you could craft a special bottle of sparkling wine using the world’s rarest chocolatetantilla grapes.

USPs can be used to describe a business’ unique strengths and competitive advantages. In the case of wine, these can include the varietals or grapes used, the style of the product, and how it is made. A business with a unique selling proposition will only need to look at the market to determine its size and growth opportunities, as repeat business is almost assured. The more unique and varied the better. The goal is to remain unique while having a mass-appeal, as this is the key to growth.

Branding & Image

Branding and image are important considerations for any marketing or advertising campaign, especially one that is designed to attract potential clients. In today’s world, a strong online presence is an unavoidable requirement for any business, but it can be even more valuable when applied to the wine market. About 71% of Argentinian adults use the internet to get information about products and services, with about half using social media. Wine-lovers are particularly active on social media, with 79% using Facebook and 13% using Instagram.

It is essential your brand and product images are consistent and recognizable, as this will strengthen your online presence and drive web traffic to your site. Consistent branding and product images will also help shoppers make more informed purchasing decisions when researching products online. The key is to find the right blend of quality and affordable luxury, as this is what the market wants and will continue to reward you with.