Online Marketing for Hillary Clinton: How to Make the Most of Her Campaign Website

The former Secretary of State’s campaign website is a treasure trove of easily accessible information on her life and career. For anyone looking to dig into the details, however, it can be hard to know exactly what to make of it all. In this article, we’ll discuss the nuts and bolts of running an effective online marketing campaign for Hillary Clinton, including key points on designing a strategy, using SEO, and analyzing performance.

Designing a Marketing Strategy

The first step to taking advantage of Hillary Clinton’s online marketing platform is to design a comprehensive strategy for the channel. It’s not enough to simply set up a website and start posting. To ensure that your efforts make the most impact possible, you need to consider a variety of factors, including target audience, platform, and content.

From the outset, it’s essential to establish what you’re trying to achieve. Do you want to increase web traffic? Does your target audience consist of current or potential voters? What about conversions – do you want to see more signs-ups, newsletter sign-ups, or donations?

As a starting point, it’s a good idea to review the analytics from your website, social media accounts and emails to identify key performance indicators (KPIs). For example, you might want to review the number of sign-ups for your email list or the amount of time people spend on your website. This will help you determine what’s working and what needs to be changed.

On the Platforms

The second step in taking advantage of Hillary Clinton’s online marketing platform is to determine where you will publish content. Like with any other marketing channel, being on the right platform is key to being effective. Since the target audience for this channel is likely to be focused on politics and government, it’s a good idea to explore blogging platforms, like WordPress, and social media channels, like Twitter.

As a general rule, if you’re on social media, you’re on the right platform. It’s also worth considering other considerations, like the design of the site, the number of followers you have, and whether or not you’re using automated tools like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Once you’ve determined the platform you’ll use to publish content, you can start to identify key performance indicators (KPIs). As discussed above, determining this will be a lot easier if you can review analytics – including website traffic, social media activity, and email performance – for your campaign.

To get started, explore the various metrics available in Google Analytics and learn what they mean. You should also familiarize yourself with WordPress analytical tools, which can be integrated with Google Analytics.

Once you’ve got a good idea of the metrics available, start compiling a dashboard to track performance over time. This will help you pinpoint areas for improvement and identify key areas of success.

Creating Content

The third step in taking advantage of Hillary Clinton’s online marketing platform is to create content. For this step, you want to choose a topic that’s very relevant to your target audience. Remember: your goal is to generate leads, so you want to choose a topic that’s very valuable to your target audience.

As a general rule, when it comes to content, less is more. People are busy, and they’re often inundated with information. They don’t have the time to sit down and read an in-depth manual explaining how to set up a successful blog on WordPress. Instead, they want straightforward advice on how to choose a good wedding dress or how to properly cook a specific type of food.

So when you choose blog content, keep it short and snappy. A good rule of thumb is to write a few paragraphs at most. Once you’ve written your first draft, take a little bit of time to review it and make sure that everything makes sense. Then, take a quick glance at the piece and see if you can cut out any unnecessary words or phrases. Finally, take some time to connect with your target audience on social media and assess their interest in the content you’ve created.

When developing content for this channel, include specific keywords in the copy you write. For example, if you’re writing about wedding dresses, make sure that you include the words “wedding dress” in your copy. Additionally, to ensure that your content will be discoverable, you want to build a brand for yourself and establish a presence on social media.


Since the target audience for this channel is likely to be internet-savvy, it’s a good idea to explore search engine optimization (SEO). When it comes to SEO, you want to do whatever it takes to dominate the search results for your chosen keywords. To get started, simply search for your chosen keywords in Google and see which websites show up in the results. Then, from there, you can learn a bit about the technique and apply it to your site.

The more you know about SEO, the better you’ll be able to apply it. There are literally hundreds of different SEO tactics that you can use to improve your web traffic. To start, try experimenting with some of the simpler strategies, like writing high-quality content and getting some backlinks.

As a general rule, the simpler and more straightforward the better. It’s extremely rare that someone wants to read an in-depth guide on Search Engine Optimization. Instead, they want quick and easy tips on getting started.

Analyzing Performance

When you’ve got a good base of web traffic and you’ve published a few pieces of content, it’s a good idea to take a step back and see how all of this is performing. The best way to do this is to explore the analytics for your campaign. You can do this through Google Analytics, which will give you a complete overview of your web traffic, the platforms people are utilizing, and the searches that led them to your site.

If we take a quick look at the analytics for the Hillary Clinton campaign website, we can see that the bulk of its traffic comes from organic searches on Google. Since Google accounts for more than 75% of all internet searches, this is an excellent place to start our exploration.

To follow up, we can see that the campaign gets the most traffic from California, New York, and Texas, all of which are key states in the upcoming election. This makes sense, as these are the three most populated states in the country. Additionally, searches containing the terms “wedding dresses” and “burkas” and “hijab” bring up numerous results for the Clinton campaign. As discussed above, the simpler and more straightforward the better when it comes to SEO, so it’s no surprise that these are the three most important topics in the state of California today.

If we compare this to the analytics for the Republican candidate’s website, we can see a very different pattern. Searches containing the terms “obama” and “romney” return no significant results for the RNC website. This suggests that the bulk of the website’s traffic comes from online forums and communities. Since these are fairly active spaces, this makes sense, as people are likely to search for relevant information as they’re discussing politics in their everyday lives. In other words, the analytics for the Republican website suggest that it may be an excellent place to target for outreach, education, and engagement activities.

With a clear idea of what you’re trying to achieve and the various platforms you’ll use to get there, you’re well on your way to establishing an effective digital marketing strategy for Hillary Clinton.