How to Get Online Marketing Help

In today’s world, marketing on the web is the norm, not the exception.

B2C (Business to Consumer) marketing focuses on attracting customers to an organization’s website or apps. B2B (Business to Business) marketing campaigns aim to attract potential buyers to a company’s products or services. And, for some businesses, B2C and B2B marketing combine to form C2B (Consumer to Business) marketing.

Regardless of whether you’re marketing for an organization, product, or service, the basic principle remains the same: attract customers where and when they’re most likely to take action.

Getting help from an online marketing agency can be a good idea to ensure that your website or app is performing at its best. But, what exactly does that entail and how can you tell if you’re getting good value for your money? In this article, we’ll discuss some essential criteria to consider when selecting an agency and how to negotiate a satisfactory agreement so you can get the most out of your digital marketing spend.

The Value Proposition

Your agency’s value proposition must align with your objectives and goals as a business. What is your unique selling point, why should customers choose you over your competitors, and what will you offer them that differentiates your service from others? The agency must be able to articulate their value proposition in a concise yet comprehensive manner.

The value proposition should include the following:

  • An introduction to the service or product you’re marketing
  • The advantages your product or service offers over your competitors’ products and services
  • A review of your competitors’ services and products
  • A clear understanding of how your product or service can assist customers and how it fits into their existing workflow.
  • A statement regarding pricing (as much as possible)
  • An indication of how committed your agency is to helping your business grow and prosper.
  • Additional benefits or features that are unique to your product or service

Your agency must be able to provide proof of their expertise, preferably in the form of case studies or examples of previous work. Prospective clients should be able to have a clear understanding of what you’re offering before they enter a contract with you. And, as much as possible, they should feel confident that you’re the contractor they’re looking for. This is usually accomplished with a carefully thought-out and well-written sales pitch, followed by a consultation about your business and the services offered by the agency.

Quality Of The Work

If you’re reading this, we assume you’re already aware of the importance of having a quality website or app. The same goes for your marketing efforts. Your website or app should be attractive, user-friendly, and contain all the relevant information your target audience needs. It should also be mobile-friendly and accessible across all devices, including desktop computers. If you’re developing an app, it should also integrate with other platforms and be available on as many devices as possible.

However, the appearance of your website or app is only part of the equation. Behind every successful online marketing campaign is comprehensive research, followed by well-targeted, effective campaigns on various platforms.

The quality of the work your agency produces should be evident in their proposals, case studies, and web analytics. You should be able to determine their level of expertise by looking at their previous work, as well as reviews from previous clients. Moreover, you should be able to determine the scope of their services, which will help you make an informed decision regarding which agency to choose.

Relevant Audience

Your agency’s relevant audience should match your demographic, as much as possible. For example, if you’re marketing to residents of the United Kingdom in your B2B setting, your agency should have a good understanding of the British market. Similarly, if you’re a consumer product company marketing to adults in the U.S., your agency should have a good understanding of American consumers.

The problem with many agencies is that they don’t necessarily have the right demographic. For example, if you’re marketing to people aged 18-24 in the U.S., your agency might suggest that you target younger audiences in other countries. However, if you’re searching for an agency that can help you reach a more mature demographic, you might have to look elsewhere.

Cost Effective

Even in 2020, marketing on the web is still a lot cheaper than traditional marketing channels. With the right strategy, tools, and expertise, you can significantly reduce your marketing costs.

The key is to determine your target audience’s size and determine how much financial support you have to spend on advertising or promoting your product or service. If you have a clear picture of what you’re looking for, you can choose an agency that is cost-effective and has a good track record of helping businesses like yours succeed.


Even though you’re paying for the content and services of the agency, you must ensure that they’re able to provide the items you’re expecting. How quickly can they deliver what you need? Are they capable of meeting your deadlines? How much does their delivery cost?

Some agencies might offer overnight delivery or next-day delivery, which is great if you need something immediately. Others might promise to have your product ready by the end of the week, but that might not be possible. You shouldn’t have to settle for substandard service because your agency doesn’t have the resources to provide what you need immediately. In that case, you will either need to find an alternative agency or develop the resources yourself.

The way your agency handles deliveries and payments should be straight-forward and transparent. You must feel confident that you can trust them to do what they say they’ll do and be upfront about any additional charges, if any.


While you’re busy running your business, it’s easy to forget about the occasional help you might need. Whether you’re marketing for a B2C or B2B business, or you’re developing an app, you might need someone to walk you through the process or give you advice. Your agency’s support staff should be available and willing to help you out whenever you need them.

Some companies will offer remote assistance, where available, or will set up regular meetings with their client to provide additional support and guidance. You should be able to get a good sense of how available their support staff is and determine how much help you’ll need, if any, after your project has been completed.

The Contract

Your agency’s proposal, or pitch, should include the terms of the contract. What are the deliverables? What is the timeline for the project? Are you responsible for paying for your own products and services? What will you do if, at any point, you feel that the quality of the work doesn’t meet your expectations?

Your agency must be able to provide you with a signed contract that can be referenced throughout the duration of the project. As an SME (small to medium enterprise) owner, it’s important to you that you’re not tricked by agencies who use high-pressure sales tactics or sloppy practices. This is why it’s essential that you thoroughly vet every prospective agency, regardless of their price tag.

The End Result

At the end of the day, you want to be sure that you’re getting the most out of your online marketing investment. To do this, it’s important to closely monitor your agency’s progress throughout the project, as well as the results of the campaigns they run for you. Regular reports on the progress of the project and follow-up calls to ensure that you’re getting what you paid for are essential.

The final deliverable of your agency’s work should be a report, either compiled by the agency or drawn up by you, reviewing how the project worked and whether or not it achieved the desired results. In the event that the project didn’t live up to your expectations, it’s important to note what went wrong and what you’ll do to ensure the same doesn’t happen again.

As much as possible, you want to choose an agency that is experienced, has a good reputation, and is willing to work with you to ensure that your business succeeds. By taking the time to do your research, determine what you’re looking for, and compile a shortlist of agencies that meet your needs, you’ll be able to choose an agency that can provide the best possible service for your money’s worth.