Online Marketing Gurus: Is LinkedIn the Best Social Media Network?

LinkedIn is the social media network for professionals. More than 600 million people use the platform to connect with other professionals, find jobs, and discover opportunities. With offices all over the world, the company offers an almost limitless network of professionals that anyone could be a part of.

If you’re looking to grow your business, learn new skills, or just want to connect with other marketers, you’ve probably considered joining LinkedIn. But is it the best social media network for your needs? Let’s take a quick look.


One of the main attractions of LinkedIn is that it is a professionally led network. The company curates LinkedIn Events, Jobs, and Neighborhoods to ensure that the content is relevant and useful to the members. This is a big shift from the Wild West of social media, where content is often spammy and less useful to those who create it.

Furthermore, LinkedIn users can grow their network by inviting their connections to join. This is a massive timesaver, as you no longer have to go through your database and email list to invite people to join your network. Instead, you can just ask them to join directly on LinkedIn.

This aspect of LinkedIn makes a world of difference. You can find a huge range of professionals on the platform, from marketing specialists to journalists to accountants. As a marketer, you can choose which industries you want to be on the platform and which you want to stay away from. You can also find experts in your niche, and use LinkedIn’s Learning section to dive deep into a specific skill or topic.


While LinkedIn is a useful and popular tool for marketers, there are a number of other platforms that do the same thing and offer more flexibility. Twitter and Instagram are two such networks. You can get similar results from social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, as well as standalone apps like TikTok and WhatsApp. These networks may be great for marketers, but they are not made for professionals, especially ones in a hurry.

Additionally, you may find that some people on LinkedIn are not that happy to be there. The professional nature of the network often means that conversations are a bit stiff and corporate. There is certainly a place for professionalism, but it is not exclusively reserved to LinkedIn.

And last but not least, the pricing of LinkedIn is something to consider. The basic membership is free, but if you want to do anything other than check your email and view headlines, you’ll need to pay. For professionals who need a bit of a boost, the Executive Membership is great, but if you’re looking for a general audience, the Standard membership may be a better option.


Overall, when it comes down to using social media to attract, engage, and grow a business, LinkedIn is an extremely useful tool for marketers. It’s large audience, highly-connected community, and extensive use of data and analytics mean that almost any marketer can find a community of professionals who are interested in their product or service.

But for those who need a more flexible network, with a little less professionalism, Twitter and Instagram are great alternatives. Just remember to follow the right etiquette on these platforms. You don’t want to ruin your reputation on LinkedIn before you even get started.