Online Marketing for Services or Products – What Platforms Do We Use and What Tasks Do We Perform?

In the past, people mostly used websites to learn about brands, products and services. But today, consumers can learn about brands, products and services through many different channels, including websites, social media, emails, and phone calls.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, many industries have shifted from completely offline marketing tactics to completely online marketing tactics. However, due to the nature of the Internet, everything has changed. With many digital marketing platforms available, it can be difficult to remember the names of all the various tactics and strategies used in traditional marketing channels.

To save you time and help you understand the basics of marketing online, we have compiled a list of all the platforms we use for marketing – and how you can use them. We’ll cover what each platform is, how to use it, and the major tasks you will need to perform. By the end, you’ll know all the basics of online marketing and how to use various platforms to their full potential.

Social Media

The importance of social media in today’s marketing world is undeniable. Over 80% of adults use social media, and 70% of those users use it daily.

It’s important to have a presence on social media, but you don’t necessarily need to have a large audience to be effective. With a little planning and knowledge of how to utilize social media effectively, you can have a devoted following of fans that will love and appreciate your content.

The great thing about social media is that it’s extremely accessible. You can start by creating a small following or audience on any of the major social platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, and then, through consistent posting, engage with prospective customers and grow your audience.

Email Marketing

Although not as popular as social media, email marketing is also a vital part of any marketer’s toolkit. About half of adults use email, and 80% of those people use it regularly.

Emails are quick and easy to make and can be customized to fit every buyer persona. With email marketing, you can take advantage of the already-created list of contacts you have gathered over the years and grow your business and client base. You can also use email marketing to follow up with customers after they’ve made a purchase. And, if you use a marketing automation platform, you can automate the follow up process and gain even more traction from this channel.

Website Marketing

With the coronavirus pandemic, many industries have shifted to virtual marketing. However, as the economy continues to slowly rebuild, more and more businesses are turning back to their websites.

Websites have been around for over a decade now, and they’ve evolved with the times. Today, not only can you sell a product or service directly from a website, but you can also provide customers with valuable information about the company, its products, and the like.

Websites are also extremely easy to maintain. You can simply update the content whenever you feel like it and ensure that the information is fresh and up-to-date. Additionally, with all the various CMSs (content management systems) available, it’s simple for anyone to update the website’s content. This level of control and transparency is invaluable when trying to establish credibility and trust in your business—especially during a time when customers’ confidence in brands is at an all-time low.

Websites are a versatile tool and can serve as both a lead generating machine and a repository of useful information for customers. Plus, since they’re connected to the Internet, they can be accessed anywhere and shared with anyone who has an Internet connection.

What Are Video Platforms?

If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you may have heard about TikTok’s legal trouble. The social media app has been hit with multiple lawsuits claiming that it doesn’t protect children from inappropriate content and that it drives adult content into the young user’s brain. While the lawsuits are somewhat groundless, it does show how much power companies like TikTok have over our daily lives.

In the past, companies only used to show ads and play videos to earn revenue. Now, however, video platforms like TikTok have become an essential part of digital marketing. Not only can you integrate video content into your website or social media channels, but you can also use the platforms themselves to engage with customers and make sales.

On top of that, since most people spend more time watching videos than reading articles, using video content to attract and retain customers is becoming a necessary tool in all digital marketing campaigns. This trend will continue as platforms like TikTok and Instagram develop more sophisticated AI (artificial intelligence) to personalize videos for specific audiences.

What Is Video Content?

If you browse through any YouTube channel, you’ll see that videos can be incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. Depending on your target audience, you can use videos to explain product features, show how to use a product or service, or just showcase the product itself.

Additionally, the video content itself can be used as a lead magnet to draw in potential customers, a selling point or slogan to keep in mind while marketing the product, or even just an interesting piece of information to ponder while you’re trying to make a decision in your business.

However, not all video content is created equal. While you can use any video platform to create and distribute content, some are better suited for certain tasks. For example, if you want to use video to educate consumers about your products or services, you should consider using a YT channel that specializes in educational videos. Additionally, if your target audience is technologically-savvy and interested in industrial or manufacturing products, you should look at using more sophisticated platforms like YouTube or TikTok, as they were built with that specific audience in mind.

Video Creation For Businesses

If you’re a business owner or marketer, it’s important to understand the various platforms available to you and what functions they have to offer. Not only can video content be used to market your products or services, but it can also be integrated alongside text-based content to create a more engaging user experience.

As businesses evolve and change with the times, some companies are prioritizing online marketing over physical marketing, while others are taking a more traditional approach. Regardless of which camp you’re in, being able to effectively use digital marketing channels is becoming a necessity.