Online Marketing for Insurance Brokers

Forbes recently published an article claiming that digital marketing is now required for business survival. The report states that while many industries have shifted to a digital model for marketing and sales, the insurance industry is still heavily reliant on traditional methods. This means that even though many businesses have adapted to the digital world, they are still required to operate in a somewhat analogue environment. This is problematic because not only does it keep insurers and brokers behind the times, but it also prevents them from fully utilizing the many advantages that the digital world brings. One of the biggest advantages is the ability to target the right audience and engage with them using highly adaptable content such as online videos, webinars, and social media.

The need for online marketing will continue to grow as more and more businesses adopt a digital model for marketing and sales. When it comes to digital marketing for insurance brokers, it is paramount to identify the right platforms for the job and then build up a marketing team that understands insurance procedures, terminology, and most importantly, the digital world. Below we will discuss three platforms that can serve as useful starting points for creating a digital marketing strategy for your insurance company or broker.

YouTube For Insurance Agents And Brokers

YouTube is the number one spot for content discovery and delivery today. The platform provides a global audience with video content that is consistently relevant and interesting. It also has a distinct focus on short-form content that is easily digestible by the audience. This means advertisers can pack their videos with useful information and engaging stories that will bring in more views and clicks.

What’s more is that YouTube is the first place that many people go when they want to research brands or products. That’s because it provides a variety of content that is highly relevant to their interests. With over 200 million active monthly users, YouTube is a must-have for any brand or business that wants to have a presence online.

Vimeo For Insurance Agents And Brokers

Vimeo is another popular content platform owned by the media corporation, HootSuite. Like YouTube, Vimeo provides a variety of content that is easily discoverable by the audience. One of the biggest benefits of Vimeo is the ability for content creators to connect with an audience that is interested in their content. This means that unlike most other platforms, Vimeo provides the opportunity for content creators to have a direct impact on the interests of the users that they connect with.

On the surface, Vimeo looks similar to YouTube in terms of its design and user experience. However, if you dive into the platform a little bit, you will see that it offers a range of features that make it extremely useful for businesses and brands. For instance, creators can set up custom playlists that are catered to specific niche topics. This is particularly useful if you are looking to target a more defined audience. Vimeo’s playlists allow you to set the gender, age, and location of the audience that you wish to connect with.

Gmail For Insurance Agents And Brokers

Last but not least, we have Gmail. One of the world’s most popular email platforms, Gmail is the ideal place for an insurance business to establish a brand voice. Gmail offers an incredible amount of features that allow you to connect with and engage with your audience. It also provides the perfect email design as it is heavily focused on aesthetics and branding. This makes it a suitable option for an industry that has a strong focus on branding and visual storytelling.

The key to effective digital marketing for insurance agents is to find the right platforms to develop and grow a following. Once you have a large enough audience, you can launch online marketing campaigns to attract and retain customers.