Online Marketing for Handymen

This past year has seen a rise in the amount of interest in online marketing. Perhaps the biggest influencers of 2019 were YouTube creators who built their following on the platform and then went on to achieve success in other media; creators like Casey Neistat, Marques Brownlee, and Hank Bilisoly.

These influencers built their audience and then leveraged those connections to gain exposure and credibility in other platforms. As the trends and platforms evolve, so does the marketing landscape; as a result, so does your marketing strategy.

The Shift to Online Marketing

Even if you’re a savvy marketer, you may not be utilizing the full potential of online marketing. According to HubSpot Blogs research, 79% of consumers prefer to learn about products and services from third-party sources online. Additionally, people trust peers more than celebrities when researching products or services.

If you want to maximize your online presence, it’s important to consider the platforms your target audience uses. In many cases, these platforms may already be serving as a marketing channel for your product or service; you just need to identify and capitalize on that fact.

The Rise of Live Streaming Tools

One of the most significant changes in the last year is how people are consuming video content. Thanks to the rise of TikTok and other similar platforms, short-form videos are a popular way to both consume content and discover brands.

While these platforms provide many benefits, they also present significant marketing complications. For example, as video consumption becomes more instant and fleeting, the amount of content drops down to an unsatisfying minimum. Additionally, as videos grow in popularity, so do the amount of fraudulent videos on the platform.

To avoid these problems, marketers must turn to the content creation tools provided by the platforms themselves. These tools are changing the way marketers approach video content creation and online video in general.

Video Content is More Popular Than Ever Before

According to HubSpot Blogs research, video content is more popular than ever before. Specifically, video is used as a source of information or entertainment 16% of the time, while 14% of people watch videos to learn about an event or product.

Additionally, 11% of people have used videos to seek advice, and 10% say they use videos to “explore the world around me.”

These are all promising signs that video content is here to stay. However, as our research shows, this content is relatively low in quality. To get the most out of video content, marketers must ensure that the videos they use are high in quality and also serve a clear and concise purpose.

The Importance of Consistency

When it comes to video marketing, consistency is a key tenet. Just as with any other form of marketing, if you want to ensure that your video content is effective, you must practice what you preach. This means that every video you create should adhere to the same style and format; otherwise, your efforts may be undermined by indecision and inconsistency. 

Additionally, your video content should be informative and engaging; otherwise, your viewers will be distracted by poor production values and sloppy editing.

What Is Next?

With the rise of video content comes a host of new marketing opportunities. Whether you’re a multinational brand or a local business, having a consistent online marketing strategy allows you to maximize your potential on these new platforms.

Additionally, with the way video content is evolving, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve. To do this, you must be willing to experiment and find the best ways to promote your product or service through video content.