How to Create an Amazing Facebook Cover for Your Online Business

Your Facebook cover image is one of the most important elements of your Facebook page, as it is the first thing visitors will see when they click on your page.

Not only does it let them know what kind of business you’re in, but it also provides them with an idea of what your page is about. You want to make sure that your cover photo is the best it can be, and we’re here to help with four tips on how to create an amazing Facebook cover.

Keep It Simple

This point can’t be stressed enough; keep your Facebook cover simple. There are plenty of complex, over-designed covers out there, but they won’t get you very far. If you’re new to Facebook, then go with a clean slate and a simple image. You’re more than welcome to add a little bit of polish to it, but don’t go overboard and make it look too flashy or detailed. Everything you add to it is going to be in tiny text anyway, so there’s no reason to make it look busy or distracting. Your cover needs to be easy on the eye and represent your business clearly.

Be Professional

This point applies to how you present yourself both online and off. When someone clicks on your Facebook page from a business or personal account, they are going to see your profile pic and maybe a cover image. You want to make sure that your profile pic and cover are both professional and fit the image that you are presenting to the world. As a business owner, you may be used to being very approachable and friendly online. But don’t be so familiar that it makes people not take you seriously. After all, you’re the one they’re going to be spending time with.

Pay Attention To Lighting

When someone visits your page, it’s going to be hard for them to see the details of what you’re posting if the lighting isn’t exactly right. You want to make sure that your cover is well-lit, so that the colors look natural and the text is easy to read. It’s also important to note that strong lighting can visually alter the colors of your items (like clothing and food), so make sure that you know how you are going to be using the light before you start playing around with it. You can adjust the brightness and contrast controls on your camera to achieve the best results.

Test It Out

Once you’ve got your image taken care of, it’s time to test it out. Facebook allows you to upload multiple images and see which one works best. Don’t worry, you don’t have to rush into anything, but taking a little bit of time to see which image is going to be the best is worth it.

When you find the one, place it on your wall and leave a comment on the photo saying something like, “Hey, check out my new cover!” Then, you can also get feedback from your followers.

Final Takeaway

Creating an amazing Facebook cover doesn’t have to be hard. Simply follow these tips, and you’ll be able to put a unique spin on your page’s headline and information.