The Best Articles for Online Marketing

Are you looking for content to use in your online marketing? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best articles related to online marketing and digital strategy. From SEO to PPC to content marketing, you’ll find a variety of topics that you can use to build out your plan for success.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

The biggest decision you make as a marketer is which search engine to use for your campaigns. There are several biggies (such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo) and lots of small- and medium-sized niche engines. Each search engine works a little differently, and understanding how they operate and which one is the best for your needs can be a pain. That’s why we’ve collected these 10 SEO articles for you to read and learn from. When you’re finished, you’ll know which search engine is best suited for your needs.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Many business owners mistakenly believe that PPC (pay per click advertising) is the same as traditional advertising. While there are some similarities (such as display ads showing up on a variety of websites), PPC is a bit more targeted. With PPC, you put in a bid (usually based on keywords) for a certain amount of advertising spend. When your ad appears, you’re responsible for reaching out to that audience and converting them into leads and customers. If you’re not confident in your ability to manage PPC, there are plenty of skilled marketers who would love to help you out for free.

Content Marketing

If you’re new to the blogosphere, you might wonder what content marketing is and why you should care. Essentially, content marketing is when a brand creates and publishes high-quality and authoritative content to attract, engage, and connect with customers.

This content might be in the form of a white paper, an e-book, an explainer video, or anything else that can attract and inspire people to action. When someone clicks on a link in that article or sees a bold headline, they’re taken to a page with more information about the product or service. At this point, they’re more likely to be a lead or a customer than they were at the beginning of the content marketing process.

Email Marketing

Did you know that 74% of consumers open email messages from businesses they know and trust? While it’s great that consumers have such favorable views of your brand, it’s also important to ensure that those emails and texts don’t get lost in the shuffle. That’s why you need to integrate email marketing into your overall marketing strategy. Once you’ve gotten that important inflection point, the rest falls into place.

Performance Marketing

People always focus on the fun and exciting (but often unrealistic) sides of marketing. While we want to inspire you to action, we also want to make sure you know what not to do. For example, performance marketing can help you determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by measuring how many people clicked on a particular link or ad and how many purchases were made as a result.

If you want to improve your odds of converting website visitors into leads and customers, you need to focus on the following: creating high-quality content regularly, experimenting with different types of content (such as webhooks vs. click-throughs), and measuring the performance of your various marketing efforts. Hopefully, these 10 articles will teach you a thing or two about SEO, PPC, and content marketing.