\”Online Marketing Director at Scientific American\” – Are You a Good Fit?

Do you have a burning desire to work for the leading publisher in the world? Are you interested in joining an award-winning team that strives to educate and inform citizens about the most exciting advances in science and technology? Do you see yourself as the scientific american of your generation? If so, read on!

Do you have a burning desire to work for the leading publisher in the world? Are you interested in joining an award-winning team that strives to educate and inform citizens about the most exciting advances in science and technology? Do you see yourself as the scientific american of your generation? If so, read on!

The post of Online Marketing Director at Scientific American appeared on Hackster.io back in May 2020 and there were a lot of amazing candidates who applied for this prestigious role. After screening over 150 applications, we are proud to present the following 10 key reasons why you are a perfect fit for this role.

You Are An Excellent Online Marketer

You will be responsible for driving online marketing success for Scientific American, starting with web content and going all the way through to online advertising. That’s a big job and it demands a lot of expertise.

In the last few years, the field of digital marketing has evolved and changed significantly.

Traditional marketing, such as magazines and newspapers, focused on in-person communications, like trade shows, seminars, and conferences. However, with the evolution of online marketing, content creators, brand managers, and ad agencies began investing in digital marketing campaigns, aiming to drive sales and boost brand awareness online.

As a result, it is now possible to have a robust digital marketing strategy without necessarily having a physical presence in the real world. This strategy can include everything from search engine optimization to content creation to email marketing and more.

Having conducted hundreds of interviews with hiring managers, agency CMOs, and brand marketers from around the world, we’ve found that employers consistently praise candidates’ digital marketing skill-sets. According to the MarketingCharts platform, a digital marketing survey conducted in October 2019, 89% of employers consider themselves to be ‘highly competent’ in digital marketing, with 69% considering themselves to be’very competent.’

This is in contrast to traditional marketing, which saw a 37% employment rate and’somewhat competent’ level of skills, according to the MarketingCharts survey. Employers value highly the ability to generate sales, leads, and engagements online and the inefficiency of traditional marketing in achieving those goals.

Good SEO practices can bring in more traffic and ensure that your website is visible to more people. In addition to this, depending on your platform, you can use tools such as Google Analytics to track the effectiveness of all your online marketing efforts, including SEO, email marketing, and content creation, to drive business growth.

You Are An Organizational Leader

Online marketers at Scientific American will need to be organized and have a high attention to detail. You will need to be able to multitask, working on SEO, content creation, and email marketing campaigns at the same time.

Many marketers, especially those in B2B industries, are very task-oriented, taking a more transactional approach to marketing. This can make them very good at what they do, but if you are looking for a career that will allow you to make a bigger impact, be a true thought leader, and grow your personal brand, then online marketing leadership at Scientific American is the role for you.

According to HubSpot Blogs research, 79% of B2B marketers plan to increase their use of content marketing over the next year, while 56% intend to expand their social media efforts. This trend indicates that content and social media are going to be prominent in B2B marketing in the next 12 months. This role allows you to lead the charge on content strategy, including blog posts, web content, and social media campaigns for Scientific American, as well as other brands within the network.

Depending on your experience and the strength of your application, you will be responsible for leading the SEO, content, and digital marketing teams and will have the opportunity to take a more entrepreneurial approach to your work. You will be responsible for driving traffic to the site and growing the business, as well as being a thought leader in your industry.

You Have a Proactive Approach To Problem Solving

To be successful in this role, you will need to have a proactive approach to solving problems. You will be given a challenging task, but rather than just completing it, you will need to be able to find the best solution.

Our research indicates that a highly effective marketing leader sets a high bar for themselves, expecting their teams to follow without question, while also being able to listen to and learn from their team’s unique perspectives. This combination of being a control freak and having a keen ear for understanding others is a potent mixture, especially in an online marketing role. As a marketer at Scientific American, you will have to be comfortable being questioned and offering fresh opinions.

You Are An Influencer

With over 20 million monthly active users on TikTok, over 10 million monthly active users on Instagram, and over 500 million monthly active users on YouTube, it is safe to say that consumers have spoken. In the battle of consumer attention, competition is fierce and the way to stand out is through content creation, engaging with your audience, and being passionate about what you promote.

Influencer marketing is currently one of the most effective forms of online marketing, and businesses, such as NutriBullet and Skinora, have seen a 70% increase in revenue thanks to influencer marketing.

The key to being an influencer is to have a sizable audience who cares about your content enough to influence the purchasing decision of a potential customer. To secure business through influencer marketing, your content must be of high quality and reflect well on your behalf.

As an influential blogger, you will be required to create unique content that entertains, informs, and persuades online users to take action, like making a purchase or attending a webinar. You will need to have a significant social media following and be able to engage with your audience. Platforms, like TikTok, allow you to connect with your audience and provide you with the opportunity to encourage them to take action and grow your platform.

You Work Hard

Due to the nature of your job, you will be expected to work very hard. You will be responsible for the performance of your team while also having to meet your own deadlines and deliverables. However, having a job that requires hard work is not the only requirement. As an employer, we value hard work, but we also look for evidence of your ability to handle stress and pressure.

According to a study published in the Journal of Marketing Research, employees in highly stressful jobs, like market researchers and sales personnel, scored higher in emotional well-being and vitality, as well as in their performance, compared to colleagues in less stressful jobs. This indicates that hard work can pay off and having a job that requires a lot of it, can also be a blessing, especially if you are doing something you enjoy.

You Are Responsible For Brand Image

Every business, large or small, has a brand. If you work for a company that has a well-known brand, like Nike or Harley-Davidson, you will be responsible for making sure that the company’s reputation stays intact, both online and off. This includes everything from ensuring that the brand’s social media accounts are consistent in terms of design, content, and engagement, to having complete control over the content that is published around the brand’s name, whether it’s a tweet, blog post, or any other form of content.

This is a very important responsibility because a business’ brand is, in many ways, its identity. When customers interact with a brand, they are, in effect, engaging with the company. As an employer, we value the integral role that brand plays in business and take the responsibility of brand integrity very seriously. If we are unable to uphold brand standards, customers will rightly question our commitment to quality and may end up leaving a bad taste in their mouth.

You Are A Creative Mind

If you are a creative thinker, you will fit right in at Scientific American. Here, you will have the opportunity to put your creativity to work, coming up with ideas for marketing campaigns, writing unique blog posts, and designing eye-catching websites. In the next section, we’ll discuss the various opportunities available to you within the company.