Online Marketing Degrees in Minnesota

A marketing degree can teach you industry-specific skills that will prepare you for a career in digital marketing. You’ll learn the ins and outs of marketing analytics, SEO, and campaign setup from platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. You’ll also get the chance to specialize in e-commerce or social media, and explore topics like SEO for retailers or SMM for small businesses. Finally, a marketing degree will give you the critical thinking skills needed to analyze consumer data and test new marketing approaches.

In this article, you’ll learn about the various online marketing degrees available in Minnesota. Enrolling in a digital marketing course in Minnesota will prepare you for a career in digital marketing, or equip you to start your own digital marketing agency if you’re seeking to do so. You’ll have the opportunity to gain valuable job experience by working on real-world marketing projects for local businesses.

Marketing Analytics Degree

The global marketing analytics market is valued at $16.7 billion and is expected to grow to $27.2billion by 2027.

Hitting a home run with marketing analytics can get you a lucrative job in a reputable agency or firm. You’ll be analyzing marketing data to determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and digital marketing strategies. You’ll look at things like traffic, conversions, and demographics to determine the success of a marketing campaign. You can also use analytics to predict future trends and behaviors of target audiences. Finally, with an advanced marketing analytics degree, you can even enter the field of behavioral science and neuroscience, using marketing data to predict and influence human behavior.

Since marketing analytics is such a valuable skill to have in today’s world, why not get a degree in it? The University of Minnesota’s Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs offers a Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs with a concentration in Marketing Analytics. You’ll learn market analysis, statistical analysis, and managerial accounting from the ground up. You’ll become an expert in using Google Analytics and other popular tools to analyze data and test marketing hypotheses. Upon graduation, you’ll have the chance to enter the workforce and start your career in marketing analytics. You’ll have the opportunity to intern or do a project for a renowned marketing firm in the Twin Cities region, gaining valuable experience that will set you up for your job search.

SEM Degree (Search Engine Marketing)

The term search engine marketing (SEM) can refer to various strategies implemented by content providers and digital marketers to drive traffic to a website or digital store. This typically involves designing effective SEO (search engine optimization) campaigns, which include on-site content like blogs, social media posts, and articles, as well as off-site elements like SEO-friendly website architecture, keywords in headlines and descriptions, and backlinks to the website. Additionally, you’ll learn to analyze traffic, search behavior, and conversion rates on your website so you can optimize and refine your keyword strategy and content to increase traffic and conversions.

The University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs offers a one-year certificate in digital marketing with a concentration in Search Engine Marketing. You’ll gain the marketing analytics skills needed to succeed in this industry, as well as the opportunity to dive into SEM for local businesses. You’ll have the chance to gain valuable job experience by interning for a local business or marketing agency during your studies.

E-commerce Marketing Degree

E-commerce marketing, otherwise known as online marketeering or online retailing, is the practice of marketing products and services available for purchase online. E-commerce marketers strive to develop strategies and tactics to drive traffic to online stores, convert that traffic into paying customers, and improve overall customer experience. In other words, you’ll learn the basics of selling products online and using marketing analytics to track the success of your campaigns.

The University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs offers a one-year certificate in business administration with a concentration in e-commerce marketing. This program will help you to develop a better understanding of the key economic and business issues surrounding online commerce.

An e-commerce marketing degree will equip you with the skills you need to enter the field, and give you a head start in your job search. You’ll learn to design marketing campaigns, analyze sales and traffic data, and set up automated email campaigns to generate more sales from current customers. You’ll learn about marketing analytics and how to measure the success of an e-commerce campaign. Finally, you’ll gain the critical thinking skills needed to analyze consumer data and predict business trends, so you can innovate and adapt as e-commerce changes to stay competitive.

Which one you choose to study depends on your interests. If you’re looking for a career in digital marketing, you should consider an online marketing degree. If you’re looking to start your own agency, you might want to study SEM or e-commerce marketing. If you’re just looking to enter the field and gain experience, either of the above are good choices. The important thing is that you choose a degree that will prepare you for a lucrative career, whatever your plans may be.