Free Online Marketing Degree: How to Get Started?

Did you know that more than 80% of jobs that were available in 2011 didn’t require a traditional four-year college degree? A traditional four-year degree simply guarantees that you’ll have the required general education credits, which makes it easier to get a foot in the door, but there are still plenty of jobs out there for those without one. With the right credentials and some extra learning, you can enter the job market with a competitive edge and gain valuable skills.

Getting a traditional four-year college degree may seem like a great way to guarantee a stable career, but if you’re looking for freedom and flexibility, consider going the extra mile to get an online marketing degree. An online marketing degree doesn’t require as much time (and money) as a traditional college degree, but it still provides you with a well-rounded education that puts you ahead of the competition. An online marketing degree also allows you to progress faster in your chosen career, especially since many of the degrees are now entirely online.

What is Online Marketing?

If you’re not familiar, online marketing is the practice of promoting products or messages via the internet. You’ll often find that successful online marketers create content that is both informative and entertaining, in order to keep their audience engaged and subscribing to their channels. The content they create may range from product reviews and comparisons, to informative blog posts, or even just regular news articles that happen to be centered around a product line or industry. Essentially, the content they create could be considered to be “marketing content”. In the world of digital marketing, blogs and websites are considered to be online marketing platforms, since people generally learn about a product or service through online channels, such as blogs or social media platforms, like Facebook or Twitter.

Blogs and websites are important because they provide a space for businesses to connect with their customers. Did you know that 85% of consumers read reviews before buying a product or using a service? By providing useful information about your products and allowing customers to post comments and questions, you’re giving people the information they need to make well-informed purchasing decisions and you’re creating a space for customers to interact with your business.

Why Study Online Marketing?

Although there are plenty of in-demand jobs out there for those with a traditional four-year degree, if you’re looking for something that doesn’t require a college degree, consider going the extra mile to get an online degree. You may not need a traditional four-year degree to be a successful online marketer, but you do need a sound knowledge of the field, as well as the ability to learn new things quickly. The good news is that with an online marketing degree from a reputable institution, you’re guaranteed to learn all that you need to know.

How Do I Get Started?

If you’re looking for ways to get started in the field of online marketing, consider exploring the various accredited online marketing degree programs available to you. There are many different specializations that you can choose from, so you’re bound to find something that suits your interests, abilities, and schedules. You can use the following guide to find the best online marketing degree program for you:

Step 1: Decide What You Want To Study

In order to succeed as an online marketer, you’re going to need a solid understanding of the field and the various platforms that you’ll be using, as well as the ability to learn new things quickly. If you can’t put your name next to something, you probably don’t need to be doing it. This applies to degrees as well as life in general. Make a list of the things you’re familiar with and the ones you need to learn more about. It’s also a good idea to look at what others in your chosen field are doing. Reading blogs and watching YouTube videos can teach you a lot, but you’ll also need to do more detailed research, or take a course, in order to succeed as an online marketer. The following table contains a small list of specializations that you can study, as well as the required general education credits for each one:

Step 2: Map Out Your Study Plan

After you’ve decided what you want to study, it’s time to map out your plan to get there. The first step is to create a timeline, stating clearly how long it is going to take you, on average, to complete your studies. The second step is to break down the study content into manageable chunks. Bear in mind that this is only a rough guide and you’ll need to vary, according to your own particular strengths and weaknesses. The following table contains a list of essential items you need to include in your study plan:

Step 3: Begin Studying

Now that you have a clear idea of what you’re going to be studying and when, it’s time to begin studying. Begin by choosing an institute that you feel confident will provide you with the education you need, as well as a degree that is accredited by reputable organizations, like the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) or the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s). If you have a look at their website, you’ll see that they list all the accrediting bodies that they’re affiliated with.

Step 4: Stay Committed

If you’ve been paying attention to the news in the past year or so, you’ll know that distance learning, or online learning, is where it’s at. More and more people are doing their training online and that’s what you should be doing as well, if you’re looking for a career in digital marketing. There are plenty of respected, accredited institutions out there that offer online marketing degrees and you should have no trouble finding one, near you.

If you can’t find an accredited institution near you, consider looking for a non-accredited institution that offers an online marketing degree, as there are plenty of reputable institutions that don’t charge you for the degree, but promise to help you find a job, after you graduate.

Remember, the more you put in, the more you get out and with an online marketing degree, you’re guaranteed to learn everything you need to know.