Online Marketing Degree Programs in Kentucky

Looking to begin your career in online marketing? Have a firm desire to work in digital marketing and be able to prove it to potential employers? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a comprehensive list of all online marketing degree programs available in Kentucky, broken down by subject matter:


If you’re looking for a traditional route to the top, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in online marketing might be the way to go. Just be sure to compare all the options before making up your mind. You can find bachelor’s degree programs in just about any field you might choose; you’re not restricted to an online marketing degree. There are, however, several advantages to pursuing an online marketing bachelor’s degree.

  • More flexibility
  • More opportunities
  • More in demand
  • More acceptable to employers
  • Accessible from anywhere


If you’re looking for an in-demand career in digital marketing & you’re open to new ideas and opportunities, a master’s degree in online marketing might be the way to go. A Master of Science in Digital Marketing (MSDM) is a good example of a master’s degree in online marketing. This type of degree exposes you to numerous opportunities in the field and also gives you a solid base in digital marketing.

What are the requirements? While it’s not necessary that you have previous work experience, having several years of work experience in a related field is highly recommended. If you don’t have any relevant work experience, you can still earn a degree following standardized training programs similar to that of a bachelor’s degree. Just be sure to compare all the options before making up your mind.

Doctoral Degrees

Depending on your previous degree and work experiences, you might be able to land a doctoral degree in digital marketing. A Ph.D. in Digital Marketing (PhDDM) is a good example of a doctoral degree in online marketing. With a Ph.D. you could potentially work in academia or research. If that’s not an option for you, consider looking for a job in a related field such as advertising or marketing communications.


If you’re looking for a digital marketing certificate, this could be a great way to gain skills and knowledge in the field. The Certificate in Digital Marketing offered by Postsecondary Education Institutional Inc. (POEI) takes about as much time to complete as a bachelor’s degree but costs about half as much. If you’re looking for a flexible schedule, this might be the option for you. Certificates don’t require you to complete all the requirements of a bachelor’s degree so you might be able to get your degree done in a matter of months instead of years. While certificates aren’t as prestigious as a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree, they can still be highly beneficial in terms of networking opportunities and job placement.

Which type of degree should you pursue?

The answer to this question will depend on your previous work experience and where you plan on applying for jobs. If you have a specific field or area of interest, like SEO or content strategy, you might want to consider pursuing a certification or a bachelor’s degree in that particular area of interest. This way you can prove to potential employers that you have the requisite knowledge and skill to do the job. Or, if you are looking for a generalist route, a bachelor’s degree in online marketing might be the way to go. This way you can still be considered for any position in the field and be able to effectively communicate your knowledge and skills to potential employers.