Online Marketing Degree at ASU

Getting an online marketing degree at Arizona State University (ASU) is a great way to learn the foundations of digital marketing while still being able to work at a corporate level. You will learn how to plan and develop digital marketing strategies, create adverts and landing pages, analyze performance, and measure success. Furthermore, you will be able to apply what you’ve learned on real-life projects so that when you graduate, you can enter the workforce feeling equipped to handle any undertaking.

Why Study Online Marketing At ASU?

In 2021, around 121,600 new marketing jobs will be available. In comparison, there will be around 108,000 marketing jobs available in 2027. So it seems that, as a job market, marketing will continue to grow. In fact, the demand for marketers and web researchers is expected to rise by 27% between now and 2027.

As the marketing landscape changes, the way we learn changes too. For instance, in the past, we would often rely on classroom learning or working with an expert tutor. However, with the rise of online degrees, learning platforms, and in-house learning, the need for face-to-face interaction is dropping. So if you’re looking for a degree that will allow you to quickly adapt to today’s digital marketing environment, an online marketing degree at ASU is a great option.

A Typical Day in the Life of an Online Marketer

Let’s take a look at what a day in the life of a digital marketer at ASU might look like.

5:30 AM: Alarm goes off, you reach for your phone, and within minutes, you’re logged into your e-mail account. You have a few important messages from clients, friends, and family, which you need to respond to. A quick visit to Twitter reveals that you’ve got a few new followers who want to connect with you. You decide to engage with them briefly before moving on to your daily tasks.

6:00 AM: You grab a cup of coffee, and after taking a quick look at your calendar, you remember that you have a meeting with your manager in 30 minutes. You quickly finish your coffee, rush to your desk, and begin working on your assignment. You focus intently on your work for the next two hours, putting in some serious effort. Around 9:30 AM, you log off from work, grab a quick lunch, and return to your desk. You get a call from a client who needs some changes to a website you designed. The call lasts for 40 minutes and you work briefly on the project, logging off again at around 12:00 PM. You check your phone for messages, but there are none. You decide to take a quick walk, noticing that the campus is gorgeous and the weather is perfect. You return to your desk, intending to work more on your marketing project, but instead, you find yourself distracted by a new article on your favorite news website. You read the article for a while and then log off again, having achieved nothing more than consuming content.

12:00 PM: You arrive at your parents’ house for dinner and, since it’s the weekend, your father decides to grill some steaks for dinner. While your mother cooks, you help your father set up the outdoor space for grilling and supervise the setting up of the grill. Your grandfather arrives and joins the conversation, while your uncle goes upstairs to get his telescope. You continue cooking dinner and a salad, while your parents and grandparents chat. You notice that the sun is setting and decide to put away the kitchen. As you walk to the garage to get the steaks, your parents comment about how much weight you’ve lost since you last came home. You tell them that you’ve been spending more time at the gym lately and hurry back inside. You help your parents clear the table and help your mother wash the dishes. While your father helps your grandmother with some housekeeping, you go into the kitchen to get another beer. You walk to the fridge and notice that it’s almost empty. You say to yourself “Damn, I should’ve bought more beer earlier.” You grab a 12-pack of Corona and head back outside. As you walk to the garage, you notice that the sky is completely clear and there are no clouds in sight. You look up and decide to grab a seat on the terrace, overlooking the pool and enjoying the beautiful weather. You open the 12-pack of beer and enjoy a few cold ones with the sunset. You decide to go inside and find a coke, but as you walk towards the fridge, you trip over a cable and fall to the floor. You call out “Ouch!” and begin laughing. You crawl to the fridge, pull out a bottle of Jack, and head back outside. You sit on the terrace and drink your Jack while watching the sun set. You finish your beer and decide to go for a swim. You get into the pool and begin doing your laps. You notice that the water is a little cold, so you decide to warm it up. You dive into the water and come up a little ways from the bottom, causing small ripples on the surface of the water. Your friends call on your cell phone, excited about the new job you got a few weeks ago and inquiring about your progress. You decide to swim closer to the side, near the sun deck, so that you can warm up faster. You notice that a little bit of shade has been provided by a tree, and after drying off, you sit under the tree, enjoying the shade while talking with your friends on your cell phone. You see a news website carrying an article about the dangers of drug abuse. You read the article and decide it’s time for you to return to your study. You hurry back to the house, passing another gas station as you go, noticing how good the air smells. You arrive back at the house and find your parents asleep. You walk to your room and immediately begin working on your assignment, ignoring the calls and texts from your friends.

6:00 PM: You decide to walk to the gym, listening to some tunes on your phone. As you walk, you feel a sharp pain in your foot. You look down and notice that you’ve stepped on a nail, almost directly on the surface of the foot. You remove the object and begin walking again. You decide to stop by a fast-food restaurant for a coffee before heading to the gym. You enter the coffee shop and order a cortado, a flat white, and a cinnamon roll. You sit at a table and begin reading the digital marketing news website. It’s been a long day and you decide to go for a swim, using the hotel’s pool. You dive in and begin performing your routine workout. After finishing, you lie down on a lounge chair to relax. You notice that the sun is setting. It’s been a productive day, both personally and professionally, and you decide to call it a night, having finished all your work for the day. You walk to the room, passing a shop that has just opened, carrying exquisite clothing and accessories. You look at the time and see that it’s been a while since you last touched your phone. You walk towards it and decide to check your social media accounts. You notice that there are a lot of ‘likes’ and ‘retweets’, but no new posts in a while. You decide to drop off to sleep, satisfied with your work for the day and eager to continue learning.