Online Marketing Company in the US: Which One Should You Choose?

Forbes has ranked the top 35 companies for B2B marketers to work for in 2022.

The list is highly unlikely to surprise you. You may have heard of many of these brands already. When it comes to digital marketing, working for a reputable company whose values you share is crucial. These brands usually have well-established marketing departments and offer a wide range of marketing opportunities. The fact they’re well-known across industries makes them more appealing to prospective employees.

Why Work For an Online Marketing Company?

As a marketer, you’ll be working in a cutting-edge environment where emerging technologies are taken for granted and marketing analytics play an integral role in all stages of the marketing process. You’ll learn to think strategically about marketing campaigns, identifying key performance indicators, and optimizing content based on research. Most importantly, you’ll gain a strong understanding of different marketing platforms – from traditional to digital – which will prove invaluable in your future career.

The role of marketing in an online world is evolving. It’s not just about throwing money at online ads and hoping for the best. Marketers at today’s leading digital marketing agencies are responsible for multi-platform strategy, including SEO, content, and social media. This involves identifying and closing the gaps in digital marketing performance across all platforms – whether that’s Google, Facebook, or Instagram.

Working for a marketing agency will put you in touch with a wide range of opportunities. You may be asked to work on a certain platform or set of platforms. You may be required to manage the performance of online campaigns for a range of businesses. You may be sent on a business trip to a country or region far from home. You may be expected to work remotely for a while. The list of responsibilities is endless – providing you follow orders and use your initiative.

Top Online Marketing Companies To Work For

If you want to work in online marketing and are considering a top agency, check out these five brands that have stood the test of time.


Founded in 2006, HubSpot is a US-based company that specializes in marketing software. Its marketing suite includes HubSpot Marketing, which is used by over 150,000 customers globally. The tool helps businesses of all sizes build brand awareness, grow customer loyalty, and connect with customers across multiple platforms (including email, Twitter, and Facebook). In addition to HubSpot Marketing, the software also comes with a suite of inbound marketing tools, including HubSpot CRM and HubSpot Blogging.

As a marketer in HubSpot, you’ll help businesses become more efficient and effective in the way they communicate with customers. You’ll be doing everything from designing marketing material to creating online ads and social posts to building marketing funnels.

One of the perks of working for HubSpot is its generous paid leave and health benefits. The software company provides 18 weeks of paid maternity leave and up to 52 weeks of paid paternity leave. In addition, HubSpot gives its employees a variety of healthcare benefits, including Vision, Dental, and Life insurance.


You may know of Salesforce or TikTok. While the former is a software company that provides a customer relationship management (CRM) tool designed for marketing and sales teams, the latter is a business software platform that focuses on marketing and content creation.

Even if you’re not familiar with these brands, you may have heard of their products. Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides a single platform for marketing and sales teams to build and manage campaigns, analyze performance, and drive ROI. It also provides a hub for content creation, distributing content to different platforms (such as Twitter and LinkedIn), and measuring the success of campaigns and content.

You’ll work with clients to design marketing material (in the form of email marketing campaigns, social media content, and landing pages) and analyze its performance in real time. Using the platform, you’ll be able to retarget audiences with similar interests and suggest content based on user behavior.

One of the appealing aspects of working for Salesforce is its generous paid leave and health benefits. The software company provides 12 weeks of paid maternity leave and up to 52 weeks of paid paternity leave. In addition, it offers its employees a range of healthcare benefits, including vision, dental, and life insurance.


You may know of Reeso, which is a brand that creates audio products for cars and mobile devices. However, the company also offers a standalone software product, Reeso Wire, which allows users to connect and communicate with other drivers wirelessly, using in-car speakers and mobile devices.

If you’re looking for an agency that has a strong focus on inbound marketing – designing and implementing marketing strategies to attract and engage customers – then Reeso is a brand you should consider. Reeso is constantly evolving, with new product launches, and the occasional celebrity appearance on their social media accounts.


If you’re looking for an agency that has a reputation for placing a high value on client satisfaction, then InMobi is a brand you should consider. The company develops and provides web-based marketing tools, mobile apps, and inbound marketing strategies to help businesses get the most out of their marketing efforts. The tools range from analytics and attribution to traffic and lead generation, and everything in between.

The distinguishing factor of InMobi is that it is a privately owned company that was founded in 2007 and is now headquartered in London with offices in Chicago, Sydney, and Tokyo. It also has affiliate offices in Germany, Australia, and the United States.

InMobi tools are used by over 500,000 customers globally, including businesses of all sizes. With its emphasis on user experience, the company strives to provide the best possible tool set for marketers to be more efficient and effective in their roles. This involves integrating its various software products into a single platform, providing robust reporting capabilities, and automating tasks to make the process more streamlined. In addition, InMobi encourages employee feedback, and actively listens to and acts on any suggestions or ideas for new products and features.

One of the distinguishing factors of working for InMobi is its approach to professional development. The digital marketing agency places a lot of emphasis on its employees’ personal and professional growth, which it values highly. InMobi provides a range of formal and informal training courses, including:

  • Inbound marketing
  • Marketing analytics
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Social media
  • Content strategy
  • Digital marketing (including SEO)
  • Paid search
  • Retargeting
  • Email marketing
  • Mobile marketing (including SMS)

The above brands are just some of the best-known companies that offer exciting marketing roles. If you’re interested in a career in digital marketing, there are plenty of options to choose from. The key is to find a reputable company that shares your ethics and values. After all, you’ll be working for many different customers, some of whom you may not want to offend. By working for a company whose values you share, you’ll be sure to have an enjoyable and productive experience.