Online Marketing Communities – What Are They?

Have you ever heard of an ‘online marketing community’? You might have come across
the term when reading online. Sometimes, you’ll even see an ‘OMC’ (Online Marketing Community) on a
website’s about page. Truth to be said, Online Marketing Communities are becoming an
important part of the digital marketing landscape and a lot of brands and agencies are
experimenting with them.

What is an Online Marketing Community?

In short, it’s a place for online marketers to gather and share ideas. Like a mastermind
group for marketing geeks, the goal is to grow one’s expertise by learning from the
experiences of others.

From an SEO perspective, if you’re not familiar, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of
optimizing your website content to rank higher in search results. It requires an
understanding of search semantics–the words and phrases people use to find content on
the web. With this in mind, you can see how an Online Marketing Community might be a useful
place for those looking to expand their SEO knowledge.

Why Are Online Marketing Communities Important?

Let’s look at some important points that make these communities so valuable.

They’re Multi-disciplinary

You can’t effectively practice SEO without having a good understanding of
marketing and data analytics. Even a basic knowledge of these subjects makes you more
valuable as an SEO specialist. With this in mind, it makes sense that many Online Marketing
Communities are supported by professional services agencies that offer specialized

They Have Nationally Recognized Specialties

In today’s world, where digital marketing is borderless, it’s important to establish
your credibility as a specialist in your field. Many Online Marketing Communities offer
recognized certifications that indicate your expertise in a specific area. For example, the
Google Search Marketing Specialty stands out as a uniquely recognizable credential that
marketers can use to prove their expertise in SEO. In 2019 alone, there were over 100,000
certifications offered through Google Search Marketing Specialties alone.

They Can Help Build A Professional Network

Anyone who’s ever worked in digital marketing knows how important it is to
have a solid network of professionals you can rely on for advice and support. Even in
our remote digital world, being able to count on those we know and trust to have our back
when we need it makes a world of difference. This is why many businesses and brands sponsor
and participate in Online Marketing Communities. They want to attract the best and the
brightest to their brand and provide them with the opportunity to succeed in the online
marketing world.

They Can Help Marketers Evaluate The Effectiveness Of Their Marketing

Overnight successes in digital marketing can be attributed to the diligence of the
marketer who identified the need to change strategies to accommodate the altered
landscape of the internet. When someone joins an Online Marketing Community, they hand over
their marketing metrics (such as ROI, bounce rate, and web traffic) and the community
analyzes these metrics to determine if a particular marketing strategy is effective or
needs to be adjusted.

They Help Marketers Find The Best Match Between Keywords And Campaigns

When optimizing a website for search, you need to consider the keywords most
relevant to a person’s search query. Before you start blasting your content with
keywords, it’s important to set up your search campaign with a keyword tool. This will
help you find the most relevant keywords for your campaign and, as a result, see your
search traffic increase.

They Keep You Updated On The Latest Trends

When it comes to staying relevant in the ever-changing world of digital
marketing, it’s important to be aware of current trends and what is exciting the
internet community. When you are a member of an Online Marketing Community, you can
subscribe to email notifications that keep you up to date on the latest trends and
community activities. This way you can ensure you’re always one step ahead of your

They Can Help Build A Branded Voice

Being able to brand a company’s online content is a significant differentiator in
the world of SEO. While it might seem like a straightforward process, doing so requires
a complex approach that integrates marketing, copywriting, and web development. Building a
branded voice for a website is a challenging task, which is why many firms and agencies opt for
specialized services to guarantee the best possible results.

If you’re looking to enhance your SEO knowledge and looking to take your skills to the
next level, consider joining an Online Marketing Community. You can get started today with a free