Best Colors to Use in Your Online Marketing Campaign

There is little difference between having a good website and having a successful one. A good website that is not lucrative is of little use. With this being said, you may be wondering what colors to use for your website’s marketing campaign. Truth to be told, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to color psychology and brand identity. What works for one organization may not necessarily work for another. This is why you need to find out what makes your customers tick and how you can leverage this information to make the right choice for your industry.

Deep Orange

When we think of marketing and sales tools, images of yellow and red may spring to mind. These are the colors of consumerism, of quick-fix solutions and demand for instant gratification. However, these are also the colors of high treason and anarchy.

On the opposite end of the color spectrum, you have the deep orange. This is a rich, vibrant color that evokes feelings of courage, power, and progress. When used in marketing and design, this color helps to drive home the message that your product is forward-thinking and progressive. A well-conceived and executed marketing campaign can make your product stand out among the competition.

Blue Hues

If you are familiar with the movie series Black Panther, you may have noticed that the vehicles of T’Challa (the titular character and owner of the brand) are always decked out in a beautiful combination of blue hues. The cars in the movie are always striking, and the outfits the characters wear are bold and commanding. The outfit worn by the character M’Baku, for example, is striking because of its bright red and yellow accents paired with a deep blue base.

Though the base color of M’Baku’s outfit is not spoken in the movie, it is stated that he wears a combination of blue and red. When used in marketing and design, this combination of colors evokes feelings of strength, power, and luxury. When paired with white or yellow, this is also the color of royalty and genius.

Dark Blue

Just like orange, blue is another rich color with a wide range of interpretations. However, while orange is often used to signify warmth and sunshine, blue is used to denote coolness and depth. Dark blue is the most striking color of the three because it is the middle ground between the cool and the warm. It is a perfect balance of the two, creating a rich, vibrant color.

When it comes to marketing with a focus on sales, using dark blue may not seem like a good idea because it is the middle ground. However, if you are a creative or design-oriented marketer, using dark blue as a base may not seem like a bad idea at all. Many designers incorporate this color into their work because it is the perfect balance of the cool and the warm. When paired with white and yellow, this is the color of artistry and sophistication.

Whatever the case may be, there is no question that blue is a powerful color. As you may have guessed from the list above, this is the color of royalty, genius, strength, and luxury. What will your customers think when they see your website’s marketing materials?