Online Marketing in Boston: Where to Start and What to Do

If you’re in Boston, then you know that the city is rich in history and culture. There are so many places that you can visit to learn about the city’s rich past, but one of the most prominent structures is the Boston Common.

The Boston Common is a large public park in the center of the city. It was originally designed in the 1700s and has been the center of social life in Boston for nearly 200 years. It is situated on a raised hill and features an eternal flame, a sculpture of which is featured on the city’s coat of arms.

The common is home to numerous historical points of interest, and some of the most prominent structures are the the Colonial Revival John D. Forbes building, the Putnam Memorial, the Kimball Steam Roller, and the Rose Garden.

The Boston Common is a hub for tourists as well, and the park’s beauty is enhanced by its ornamental pond, flower beds, and sweeping lawns. There is also a small historic monument to the victims of the Boston Massacre, which took place on the common in 1770. A large portion of the park is accessible to the public, so it is a destination for people of all ages. Dogs are also allowed on leashes in the common, so owners can enjoy a leisurely walk with their pets while kids play in the grass.

In 1878, a 15-year-old Boston girl named Katherine A. Jones began a daily walk on the common – at that time it was just a few blocks long – to school. Due to the high concentration of people in the city at the time, Jones soon discovered that it was more convenient to walk to school rather than take a bus or car. This eventually led to the Boston Elevated Railway establishing a station (then named School Street Station) at the common. As a result of the station’s popularity, it was renamed the Jones Square Station after Jones. Although the station was originally built for employees of the BER, it now serves all types of users, including students, members of the public, and local businesses.

Why Online Marketing in Boston

With its open space and excellent public transportation, Boston is an ideal location for an online marketing campaign. With a population of over 680,000, it’s also a hub for SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay per click) marketing, which can be leveraged to maximize organic search engine traffic and maximize clicks on online marketing adverts.

Additionally, Boston is known as the “City of Saints and Scholars,” and the marketing industry in the city is quite advanced. The region is home to academic institutions, including research and teaching-focused universities like Harvard University, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and the University of Massachusetts. In particular, the business and media-related courses at these universities are highly sought after, and there are lots of job opportunities in the region for students who graduate with a degree in these subjects.

Where To Start

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur who is looking to get started with an online marketing campaign, then you have a number of options. One of the best places to start is with HubSpot. The platform is ideal for beginners who want to get started with a blogging campaign, and it also comes with a drag-and-drop editor that makes creating content easy for even the least tech-savvy business owner.

Once you’ve created your blog on HubSpot, you can take advantage of the platform’s SEO features to get more traffic and leads to your website. Additionally, you can use the tool to measure the effectiveness of your blog posts. If you decide that a certain piece of content is performing particularly well, you can repurpose it for other platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn.

What To Do

Once you have a good understanding of how online marketing in Boston works, you can strategize to improve your performance. Take advantage of the local universities’ research to better understand your audience and develop marketing campaigns that they will benefit from.

Forbes has ranked the top 30 markets for solo travel, and Boston came in at number two, showing just how desirable a destination the city is for tourists. So, what can you do to promote your business in this beautiful city? One option is to create content for a local media publication that is focused on attracting tourism to the city. You can also write blog posts for local businesses or academic institutions to gain some credibility in the city and potentially attract some high-profile guests to your events.

Additionally, you can become involved in the local charity community and raise money for a good cause. If you want to get more involved with your local community, consider volunteering at a non-profit organization or taking a look at the many opportunities that Cambridge (MIT) and Boston (Harvard) Universities offer for students interested in giving back.

One final thing you can do to get the most from your Boston marketing strategy is to build a community. Create opportunities for people to get involved and contribute to the conversation. Host meetups or launch open mic nights at local bars and restaurants to bring people together and show off the city’s eclectic mix of talent.