Online Marketing Apps in Kenya – Which Apps Are Best for Small Businesses?

Kenya is a beautiful place to live in, with lush green hills, magnificent lakes and magnificent wildlife. It’s a place where people are warm and welcoming, and it’s a nation with a very high standard of living. If you’re looking for a place to call home, why not give Kenya a go?

However, for foreign businesses looking to set up shop in Kenya, it can be hard to know which city or area to target. The majority of the country is covered in magnificent national parks and other protected areas that are great for wildlife enthusiasts, adventurous hikers or jungle explorers. But for marketing and business professionals, this can be a challenge, as the cities and towns can be quite dull and uninspiring.

Thankfully, one of the best things about Kenya is the amazing variety of wildlife you’ll see wandering the streets. Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast or a professional who just wants to get his (or her!) head in nature, there will be plenty to keep you busy. In this article, we’re going to introduce you to the best online marketing apps available for small businesses in Kenya.

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1. HubSpot.

As the name would suggest, HubSpot is a business-focused platform, developed for teams of any size and complexity. It aims to make working with customers and growing a business easier and more streamlined. With HubSpot, you can create custom workflows, automate tedious tasks, and connect with clients in real-time.

Key features:

  • CRM and email marketing.
  • Scheduling and management.
  • Inbound marketing.
  • Analytics.

Overall, if you’re looking to grow a business in Kenya or other parts of Africa, consider the HubSpot marketing platform. Not only does it offer fantastic functionality for lead management, but it also makes tracking performance easy and accessible. With the growth of telepresence, virtual office spaces and other collaborative working tools, it’s essential that your marketing efforts are as flexible and effective as possible. The more you can do remotely, the more you can do efficiently in real-time.

2. MailChimp.

MailChimp is a popular choice amongst businesses and individuals who want to promote their products and services online. All you need to do to get started is create a free account, and you’ll be presented with a sleek, attractive interface. From there, you can start gathering email addresses, which you can then use to send out email blasts, promote special offers and engage with your audience.

The big upside to using MailChimp is the fact you can get started so easily, without the need for a marketing team. As the platform is essentially a collection of drag-and-drop email templates, getting marketing emails out to your audience is as easy as pie. There’s also the option to connect with an affiliate program for increased earnings. And while we don’t advise going above and beyond the minimum legal requirements, in case you want to send a little something extra to your subscribers, you could always use a gift card as an incentive.

So as you can see, both of these platforms have a lot to offer. The choice should be pretty easy to make, especially if you’re on the hunt for an email marketing platform that’s already been optimized for international use.

3. Mad Mimi.

Mad Mimi is an all-in-one marketing platform designed for small businesses and individuals in Indonesia. It was created with the intention of making marketing easy and accessible, especially for beginners. As a result, it is incredibly user-friendly, with an easy-to-follow interface, providing customers with an excellent onboarding experience.

As a business owner or marketer looking to grow your reach in Indonesia, Mad Mimi can be a good choice. It provides all the essential tools you need to launch your marketing campaign, including a website, blog, social media accounts and email marketing. Once you’ve created your account, you can take advantage of the free trial, which gives you access to all the features, including all the marketing material.

The fact that this platform is designed for beginners makes it a popular choice amongst people looking to get into online marketing or business in general. It also means that, as a newbie, you’ll have a fairly easy time getting started and making the most of all its features, even if you’re not that tech-savvy.

4. Marketo.

Marketo is a leading software company that provides businesses with marketing automation and analytics software. Founded in 1999, Marketo is headquartered in San Francisco and has offices in the UK, Australia, Canada, and Germany.

Created for marketing departments that want to automate their processes and make their work easier, Marketo provides all the essential tools you need to launch and manage successful marketing programs. With Marketo, you can create automated email campaigns, nurture leads and customers with personalized emails, track website traffic and leads, analyze social media performance and more.

Key features:

  • Email marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Content Strategy
  • Marketing Automation

Overall, if you’re looking to grow your business in Kenya or other parts of Africa, consider the Marketo marketing automation platform. The fact that it can integrate with over 100 different applications, makes it a one-stop-shop for any business looking to automate their marketing processes.

5. Pardot.

Pardot is the ultimate lead-generation and cloud-based marketing platform designed for large and small businesses alike. It is focused on delivering highly effective cross-channel marketing campaigns, utilizing big data, advanced machine learning, and design intelligence to put customers at the heart of every business decision.

What makes this platform truly unique is its approach. Rather than focusing on a specific campaign or marketing activity, such as lead generation or email marketing, Pardot aims to become a complete marketing automation solution, capable of helping businesses succeed regardless of their size or stage, in a highly competitive environment.

What this means is that, unlike other platforms you might consider, Pardot provides you with a full range of features, from lead generation to email marketing, without overwhelming you with hundreds of options, all the while taking the complexity out of the process, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Key features:

  • Customer Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Performance Analytics
  • Website Design
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Reporting
  • Design Intelligence
  • Big Data Answers

So as you can see, these apps are all designed to make working with customers easier, while also enabling businesses to grow and prosper. Which one should you choose? Ideally, you’ll want to pick an app that’s been optimized for use internationally, as well as in your local area. This will ensure you get the most out of it, and that you’re not subjected to language barriers, or restricted by location.