Top Online Marketing Agencies in the Philippines

A lot has changed since the last time we updated this article. With the industry shifting to online marketing, it only makes sense that our review would, too. We’ve now moved on to reviewing online marketing agencies in the Philippines that offer SEO, content creation, and blog management.

Key Takeaways

There’s a difference between marketing and marketing agencies. Agencies are companies that provide various services to businesses. They’ll usually have an inhouse marketing department that works with local and regional business development managers to drive growth.

Traditional marketing agencies will often work with local marketing experts to identify growth markets, devise marketing strategies, and execute marketing activities. We interviewed a number of marketing agency heads, and they all shared a similar sentiment: getting the right mix of marketing and technology to build a brand.

Many marketing agencies are taking the step further and offering digital marketing services directly to businesses. Platforms like Google Analytics, HubSpot, and Optimizely empower marketers to understand their audience and interact with them in real-time. Businesses gain more control and better insights into the growth of their brands.

To succeed in this new world order, marketers need to understand the digital marketing process, tools, and resources essential for growing a business online.

How To Find The Best Online Marketing Agencies In The Philippines

There are so many marketing agencies in the Philippines, and it’s difficult finding the best. You need to look for a number of these factors: experience and expertise, creativity, digital marketing strategy, and of course, results.

You’ll often times find a number of agencies claim to be the best, but it’s difficult to know which ones are actually worth your time and effort. One thing you can do to find the best online marketing agencies in the Philippines is ask for samples of their work. Visit their websites and social media accounts, and see what they’ve accomplished. Then you can decide if they’re worth your time and money.

Which Ones To Avoid

There are a number of agencies that we recommend you avoid if you’re looking for a top-notch experience. These are the agencies that we’ve found to be the worst in our experience, and we encourage you to think twice about engaging their services.

Usually, these types of agencies will have a list of services they provide, which can include everything from SEO to web design and development. However, one of their key specialties may be generating leads for your business. Unfortunately, we found that many of these agencies place a lot of emphasis on attracting new customers rather than retaining the existing ones. They’ll often resort to cheaper prices or the promise of quick turnaround times to encourage you to become their next customer. Even then, their strategies aren’t very effective, and you’ll likely end up disappointed.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is an important part of digital marketing, and it’s been around for more than a decade. The purpose of SEO is to make your website or blog as visible as possible in the search results of Google, Bing, and other major search engines.

SEO is mostly about following the rules and best practices that make up good website design and blogging. When implemented correctly, the results of SEO can be very powerful in driving traffic to your site.

There are dozens of SEO agencies in the Philippines, but not all of them are created equal. Be sure to ask about their SEO strategies and techniques, as well as the past results of their work for your specific niche. You might also inquire about their refund policies, as we found a number of low-quality SEO agencies that are difficult to get ahold of if you aren’t happy with the results of their work.

Content Creation

When you have a solid content strategy in place, you’ll be able to easily find the right people to create content for your website or blog. If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all your content creation needs, you can’t go wrong with a digital marketing agency that offers content creation services.

You’ll typically find content creators will have a number of services they offer, including social media management, SEO content creation, and web content creation. If you’re not sure what these are, read on.

Content creation is all about producing content that will attract, engage, and retain your audience. A highly effective content strategy can do exactly that. Having engaging content on your site can also boost your SEO, depending on the type of content you create. For example, video content is always popular and often times effective when used in SEO campaigns.

You can find plenty of content creators in the Philippines, so be sure to have your target audience in mind when you’re choosing the content you’ll use for your website or blog. The goal should be to satisfy your readers while also attracting and engaging new ones.

Blogs & Social Media

Websites and blogs are both important parts of a digital marketing strategy, and they serve different purposes. We’ve already discussed how SEO is important for driving traffic to your site. A website is generally a one-stop-shop for the information you need, and it also acts as a springboard for other types of content.

A blog is a lot more informal in nature and can be used to build and engage with an audience. If you’re looking for an easy way to gain more exposure and to create a community, then a blog is a great choice. You can also use blogs to introduce and discuss new products and services you’re offering.

The advantage of having a blog is that you can use your own domain name, and you don’t necessarily need to worry about paying for advertising to get more readers. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for your digital marketing needs, then a website is a better choice.

Social media is another important aspect of a digital marketing strategy. The purpose of social media is to create marketing buzz, gain more followers, and build awareness around your specific niche. There are several popular platforms in the Philippines, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

These platforms can be an invaluable tool for a brand, and they’re often the first place new customers will encounter your company. A lot of brands completely ignore social media, thinking it’s only for fun or to gain more followers. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many tactics you can utilize to get the most out of social media, and many agencies offer social media marketing services.

Make sure you’re using the right platforms for your target audience. If you’re not sure, ask your agency for help. You can also use social media to promote events and promotions, as well as to connect with journalists, bloggers, and other stakeholders who can help further your business.

Customer Feedback

Last, but not least, is something we like to call customer feedback. We all love hearing positive things about our businesses, but it’s important to acknowledge the things that are preventing us from being even more successful.

By asking users for feedback, you’ll be able to identify problems before they become major issues. There are several types of customer feedback you can collect, including:

  • Reviews (both positive and negative)
  • Testimonials
  • Voice reviews via phone calls or video chats
  • Product testing
  • Polling
  • Surveys

The key is to use the information you get from customers to fix problems and improve your product or service. You can hire people to thank customers for their feedback, or you can take the time to do it yourself. Regardless, it’s important to keep track of all the feedback you get, whether it’s good or bad. Without it, you’ll never be able to improve your business.

Now, you may not need a full-blown digital marketing agency to run your marketing strategy. If you have a marketing team or someone within your organization who’s responsible for implementing and executing your strategy, then they should be providing you with all the necessary tools and training to do it yourself.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for someone to help with day-to-day tasks associated with online marketing, such as SEO, content creation, and social media management, then you may want to consider an agency.