How to Choose a Franchise Marketing Agency

You have decided to become a franchisee and invested in a promising new business idea. Your initial investment will pay off handsomely as you enjoy a solid return on your investment.

You worked hard to get the business off the ground and now it’s time to take your game to the next level. How can you best prepare for the future success of your business? You’ll want to consider hiring the services of a professional franchise marketing agency.

The Basics

It is crucial to research the services offered by potential franchise marketing agencies before making any kind of commitment. You will want to work with an agency that is a proven performer in the industry and which clearly understands your needs.

The following are some of the most important things you should look for in a franchise marketing agency:

  • An efficient sales force
  • Top-notch customer service skills
  • Proven methods for marketing and promoting your franchise
  • Access to the highest quality training programs


The size of your sales team is one of the most important considerations when deciding which franchise marketing agency to work with. You will want to ensure that you have at least 10 salespeople on your team, who can effectively sell your product/service to prospective customers and close sales. Your sales team should be able to seamlessly transition into action and close deals as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

How will your salespeople find prospective customers? You will want to consider establishing a franchise sales force in the region where you plan on opening up your store. These individuals can visit customers in their homes or businesses to showcase your products/services and close sales.

Your sales team should work with you to develop and implement an effective plan for marketing and promoting your franchise. With so much competition in today’s market, your salespeople need to be equipped with the right tools to effectively sell your business. They should be able to utilize email marketing, social media platforms, and video marketing in order to attract and retain customers.

Pro-active customers are more valuable than ever before. You can attract prospective customers by creating awareness of your business and brand. Take advantage of social media platforms to engage with customers, fans, and potential converts.

Customer Care

Your franchise marketing agency should be prepared to provide support if your customers have any questions or need assistance. Even after your sale, you will want to ensure that your customers feel valued and that their concerns are being heard and addressed. Online forums and live chat support are valuable tools which enable business owners to efficiently communicate with customers and allow service providers to resolve issues quickly and accurately. Your customer care team should be accessible via email, phone, and live chat.

You should also consider establishing close working relationships with key individuals within your industry. This can help take your business to the next level as you benefit from their experience and network.

Training And Development

Franchise marketing agencies which offer in-house training should be preferred as they can provide personalized attention to your personnel. The training program should cover all the critical elements of becoming a successful franchisee including the following:

  • Business and legal acumen
  • Marketing and communications
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Supply chain management
  • HR policies and practices
  • Financial management
  • Operations
  • Customer care
  • Business ethics

The training should be comprehensive and engage your staff as you work towards establishing and growing your business. A well-designed training program will increase the efficiency of your operations and enable you to focus on your existing customers while also attracting new ones.

Franchise marketing agencies which can provide ongoing support should be preferred as you can benefit from their experience as you grow your business.


The digital landscape is changing the way we do business and how we interact with customers. Customers can research your product/service and competitors online which greatly reduces their need to visit physical stores. Additionally, mobile phones enable customers to quickly and easily access information about businesses wherever they may be.

Consumers have an array of digital tools in their pockets which make research easy and accessible. Smartphones enable customers to access social media platforms which in turn gives you a platform to engage with prospective and existing customers. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software integrates sales, marketing, and customer care functions making them accessible from one place. You can also set up automated email campaigns quickly and easily through the use of automated tools such as bulk emailers and autoresponders.

Pro-active customers are important to your business and can help you develop and implement a marketing strategy. You can use automated tools to generate emails containing discounts, offers, or other important information which encourage your customers to engage with your business.


You want to be sure that you are establishing your franchise in a region which you can support. You should consider whether you’ll be able to attract and retain customers. The cost of living should be affordable, as you’ll need to cover wages, rents, and other operational costs. You should also look for a region which enjoys a favorable business climate, has a well-educated workforce, and a high employment rate.

Choosing a region which enjoys a high volume of business activity is key to ensuring that you are financially successful. Research the local economy before making any kind of investment so that you can find the best possible return on your money. Additionally, look for a region which enjoys a low business start-up cost so that you can focus on running your business without having to worry about additional costs associated with operating a business in this location.

Franchisees Speak

Your ideal candidate for the job of franchisee should be someone who enjoys working independently with a small team, has the drive to succeed, and understands the value added by a brand.

Thousands of franchisees across the world actively seek to expand their business operations. They understand the value of a brand and are willing to work hard to build and maintain a loyal customer base.

Your ideal candidate for the job of franchisee should be someone who enjoys working independently with a small team, has the drive to succeed, and understands the value added by a brand.

If you are still deciding which franchise marketing agency to work with after reading the above information, consider these additional points:

  • The overall feel and design of the site
  • How effective the layout and design of the site is
  • How quickly and easily can I navigate my way around the site
  • How well the site responds to different devices and platforms
  • How interesting and easy it is to read
  • How attractive and easy it is to engage with the company
  • How quickly and easily can I find the information I’m looking for
  • How easy it is to book a call with a customer care representative

In Summary

No two businesses are the same which means that no two franchises are the same either. Before you invest in a franchise, you should look for the best possible return on your investment. Consider all the above points and make a wise choice which will benefit your business for years to come.