How to Start an Online Marketing Agency in Bangkok, Thailand

Welcome to Thailand! We know, you are already here, because an invitation to visit the magnificent country of Thailand was in your email today. Perhaps you even accepted it, or maybe you are even planning to visit the Land of Smiles any time soon. Either way, it is unquestionable that Thailand is one of the most enchanting places you can ever imagine. It might seem hard to believe, but until very recently Thailand was actually one of the poorest countries in the region. Times have changed, and currently Bangkok is considered to be one of the most luxurious cities in the world. There’s a lot more than one way to skin a cat, as the saying goes, and it certainly applies here. This being said, you couldn’t pay us enough to work in Bangkok, Thailand; it has some of the most fascinating people we have ever met, and the opportunity to work in a city that is still relatively unknown to the mainstream world is enough to fuel anyone’s ambition. We certainly intend to make the most of our newfound fame, and establish ourselves as one of the city’s top agencies. Here’s how we intend to do that.

Find A Niche

As we have established, Bangkok is now a fairly well-known city. Thanks to the explosion of online shopping and social media in the last few years, as well as some smart marketing on behalf of the local businesses, the city is definitely on the map. More and more people are discovering the delights of Thai food, and the restaurants and eateries are busy all hours of the day. In fact, there are so many options that you could literally stay in the city for days and never get bored of what is on offer. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway with your partner or you just want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, there is something to suit everyone. Tourism is one of the main industries in Thailand, and the country is certainly making the most of the increased attention. There are plenty of opportunities for those who work in marketing or communications to join a PR firm, or work for a travel company or a digital marketing agency.

However, it is important to find a niche, something that is very specific to you, and that you are passionate about. Bangkok is a very diverse city, with people from all over the world enjoying the local cuisine, shopping, and culture. It’s easy to get distracted by all the options available, and become too generalized in your approach. The key is to find a focus, a goal, and then to work hard to achieve it. You don’t want to become that guy who shows up to work with a sketchbook and a pair of scissors, waiting for everyone to pitch in on the next big project. You want to set yourself apart from the rest, and show that you are the best in your field. How do you intend to make this happen? By finding the sweet spot between art and commerce, and defining yourself through your work.

Build An Effective Team

Having a strong team is essential when taking on a project of this scale. It doesn’t matter if you are a one-man band or an agency of twenty people, you need to have someone at the helm, and you need to make sure that you have the right people for the job. Before we begin to establish the makeup of your team, it is important that you understand who you are working with, what their responsibilities are, and how you intend to work together to achieve the goals laid out in the previous section. This is crucial, because a lot of agencies, especially those in Bangkok, can be fairly chaotic, and nebulous in nature. There are a lot of middlemen, competing interests, and changing priorities, all of which can make things rather difficult to track down exactly. If you are looking to establish a long-term, stable working relationship with a creative agency, you need to be very clear about what you are getting into. Your account manager in Bangkok will be able to introduce you to the right people and set you up with a working environment that is conducive to business. A clear structure, open lines of communication, and a mutual commitment to the success of the agency are the key to a successful partnership.

Find Your Niche In The Masses

The world is becoming more and more digitized, and people are searching for products and services online rather than physically going to the shop to make their purchase. As a result, discovering new audiences is becoming easier than ever before. If you can figure out a way to reach these people, and encourage them to engage with your content or offer your product/service, then you have the opportunity to make a good living as an online marketer. Startups in Bangkok, especially those in the digital marketing space, are well-poised to make the most of this trend, and are looking for talented freelancers to join their team. An easy way to make a good living is to establish yourself as one of the city’s most prominent agencies, and get in touch with the right people. Create a buzz about yourself, and let people know that you are the go-to person for commercials, social media, and web content marketing. Your freelance clients will greatly appreciate your consistent approach, as well as your ability to hit the ground running, without needing much guidance or hand-holding. Most importantly, it’s always good to have more options when choosing a holiday, and Thailand definitely has plenty to offer. We hope this article will help you decide to make the most of the country and its vibrant, creative community.