Online Marketing 101 for Black Marketers: A Guide for Black Marketers

Most professionals can admit that the world of online marketing is ever-changing. What worked during the early days of digital marketing may not be as effective today. This is especially true for black marketing professionals, as the world of online marketing and social media continues to evolve and change.

With the world shifting to fully remote working, marketing landscape and approach changed. The way consumers and buyers behave, how they interact and engage with brands, and what they look for changed. The digital marketing world transitioned from being focused on offline to becoming more focused on digital marketing and online marketing. What worked for advertisers and marketers several years ago may not be as effective today.

It’s important to remember that not only are digital marketing tactics and strategies evolving, but the entire marketing concept is changing as well. With few exceptions, traditional marketing goals of gaining brand awareness and increasing sales are shifting to become more focused on customer engagement and behavior change. In this article, we’ll discuss how to best position a brand for success in the ever-changing world of online marketing, how to use leading digital marketing platforms and tools, plus offer some helpful tips on getting started.

The Evolving Online Marketing Landscape

While there are still essential tasks such as search engine optimization (SEO) and social media presence that must be handled to effectively market a brand, much of today’s digital marketing focus and approach is shifting to become more user-centric and customer-focused.

This is manifested in a number of ways, from changing the way consumers search for information online to encouraging them to actively engage with brands through content and social media.

One of the most significant changes in the online marketing world is Google’s re-invention of its search engine.

Traditionally, web search engines such as Google have manipulated search results to reflect what is most relevant and useful to users. In 2019, however, Google is taking a different approach. Now, when users search for something, Google automatically presents them with several choices along with relevant advertisements.

This is called search engine optimization (SEO). Essentially, SEO is the practice of optimizing a website or app for major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The idea is to position content such that search engines can easily find it.

SEO was previously considered semi-professional or consultant-level work, but with the major search engines taking a more active role in presenting users with relevant advertisements along with search results, SEO has become completely seamless and accessible to every Internet-connected business.

Why is SEO Important for Black Marketers?

Black marketers often operate in niches and highly competitive markets, and they need all the help they can get to stand out from the crowd. One of the best things about SEO is that it’s extremely accessible and affordable.

Also remember that SEO is a lucrative business, as premium search engines packages can cost upwards of $500 per month, plus you earn a percentage of what the advertiser pays you. For smaller businesses, a few hundred dollars per month may not sound like much, but it adds up quickly over time.

So, if you’re looking for a way to get your brand out there and attract potential customers to your site, why not try SEO?

Once you have a proven SEO strategy in place, you can look into investing in more premium packages from search engines to further expand your reach.

On the other hand, running a SEO campaign is a lot like playing catch with the devil. The moment you dip your toe in the SEO pool, you’ll be swimming with sharks. Make sure you’re ready for battle by implementing solid SEO practices and strategies before diving in.

How to Get Started With SEO

Although SEO is a lot of work, getting started is actually fairly easy. It simply means structuring your website or app in a way that optimizes it for search engines.

This becomes easier with the help of tools designed to make the process of SEO much more efficient. For example, Meta Descriptions ensure that search engines can easily understand the content of your web pages.

Creating meta descriptions is the simplest and most effective way to help your website or app ride high in search results. Simply type your main product or service keywords into the Meta Description text box, and press enter.

From a practical standpoint, keywords are extremely important. When a user searches for a product or service on a search engine, keywords are what the search engine considers to be able to describe the content most relevant and useful to the user.

Include the keywords you think your target audience will use to find your site or app. If you use the right keywords and combinations, you can create a virtually unlimitable stream of qualified traffic.

The Correct Way to Implement SEO

While SEO is an easy way to get your site or app noticed, it’s not the only way. User experience (UX), content, and social media all play a role in getting a brand established and gaining credibility.

As mentioned, SEO is a lucrative business, and even if you don’t intend on making money from SEO, there are still steps you can take to become a better brand for future purposes.

For example, if you’re running an SEO campaign for a medical practice, you may want to look into adding more structured data to your HMO plan. Adding more content to your web pages or social media presence can also boost your SEO.

As a general rule, do whatever it takes to stand out from the crowd and be memorable. With so much competition, it is essential to find a way to differentiate yourself from the rest. Remember, your goal is to attract, engage, and retain customers – not just to show up and generate traffic.

What To Look Forward To

Aside from earning money through SEO, there is also the possibility of earning passive income by selling and distributing your own products. With the right sales and marketing strategy in place, you can become a fulltime online marketing professional and make a great income from home.

Remember, although SEO is easy and profitable, playing catch with the devil is always a risk. If you’re not prepared to battle for searches and make dedicated efforts to grow your business, then SEO may not be the best route for you.

Ultimately, playing catch with the devil is always a risk, but it’s one you may feel compelled to take. If you do decide to play catch with the devil, make sure you are prepared for the fight of your life. Once you get the taste of victory, you may regret ever going into this game.