How to Use Online Hotel Marketing to Increase Revenue

Welcome to Oneworld® Travel, a global travel agency with over 140 years of experience. We’re passionate travelers ourselves, so we know how important it is to find the right destination and make the right arrangements so that your travel experience can be both informative and enjoyable.

Thanks to technology, today our lives are slowly becoming digital. And thanks to the power of the internet, we can now do business from almost any location. As a travel agency, this is especially useful for us. We can sell destinations and packages all over the world, and connect with travelers wherever they are.

This blog post will give you some suggestions on how to use online hotel marketing to increase revenue. We’ll cover five ways in which digital marketing and the internet can be used to drive bookings and increase revenue for your hotel.

Content Marketing Strategy

While SEO has always been an important part of digital marketing, recently it has grown in significance. Why? Because if you want to attract and retain customers, you need to provide them with valuable and unique content that will keep them coming back for more.

When you run a hotel, one of your primary responsibilities is to provide guests with a great experience. One way of doing this is through content marketing strategy and distribution. This entails creating and distributing high-quality content to attract and retain local customers. This could include blogs, podcasts, and wikis.

The advantage of content marketing strategy is that you are not just limited to attracting guests to your hotel. You can also use the content to educate and inform your customers about destinations, cuisine, and local attractions.

Guest Blogging

In addition to content marketing, we recommend guest blogging. Guest blogging is when you invite a well-known blogger to write about a specific topic on your behalf. The guest blogger will usually link back to your site, giving you credit for the content.

Guest blogging can be an extremely effective tool in growing your hotel’s reach and establishing yourself as an expert in your field. The most important thing to keep in mind when considering guest blogging is to make sure that you select a reputable blogger. Building a relationship with a famous blogger can be a great way of ensuring that your guest blogger sends plenty of traffic to your hotel.

Webinars And Webcasts

For a long time, live webinars have been the bane of the internet marketer’s existence. The problem is that while people want to learn about your product, many are not able to attend live events. Thanks to emerging communication platforms like Zoom and Skype, webinars have become a thing of the past. Platforms like these allow for interactive participation, eliminating the need for people to physically attend a webinar.

It’s still not always convenient to attend a webinar, so you can also create a recorded version that you can make available to people who can’t attend the live event. The beauty of this option is that you can review the recording at your convenience, learning from others’ experience whether or not to implement certain strategies.

Social Media Accounts

While social media has existed in some form for a while now, it’s only in the last couple of years that people have started realizing its true potential. Today, with people constantly checking their phones and getting distracted by shiny objects, notifications, and alerts, the opportunity to engage with customers through social media is always there.

You can create Facebook and Instagram accounts to engage with your audience. Similarly, you can use Twitter to broadcast important information about your hotel and attract potential guests to your brand.

The key thing to keep in mind when developing your social media strategy is to make sure that you engage with your audience. It’s easy to create accounts and start tweeting, but unless you have a compelling and consistent narrative, you’re not going to make the most of your newfound access to the Twitterverse.

Traditional Marketing

When thinking about marketing your hotel, the first thing that might come to mind is spending loads of money on lavish adverts in prominent locations across the globe. While this is a form of marketing that has been around for a very long time, it’s become more and more difficult to have the impact that it once did. With so much competition, ensuring that you reach your target audience can be challenging.

What is more, the internet has made it easier for travelers to research destinations and make informed choices about where they want to travel to. As a result, more people are choosing to travel independently and without much guidance, which makes the role of the travel agent somewhat less prominent than before.

The good thing about traditional marketing is that it is very measurable. You can track the impact of your marketing initiatives with analytics tools like Google Analytics. In addition, you can make direct comparisons from month to month, identifying trends and the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. This makes it easier to pinpoint areas for improvement and identify exactly what is driving bookings and revenue.

The most effective way of utilizing traditional marketing is by combining online and offline strategies. This is where digital marketing, along with other traditional marketing vehicles like radio and TV ads, comes in. For example, you might want to advertise on social media platforms like Twitter, as well as display ads on websites.

The advantage of combining these two forms of marketing is that you are reaching an audience that is already interested in your product or service. Through digital marketing, you can target the right audience and ensure that they are the most valuable audience possible. And with offline marketing, you can ensure that your product is in front of as many people as possible, increasing the chances of someone finding out about your hotel and wanting to stay there.

Hopefully, this article will help you in your quest to maximize hotel revenue. Thanks for reading! We’d love to hear your thoughts on this article or anything else pertaining to hotels. Feel free to leave us a comment below, or connect with us on Twitter (@WinchesterHotel) or Instagram (winchesterhotel) to continue the conversation.