Online Home Marketing for $1000 Paid at Closing?

Hi, I’m Dawn from and this is my guest post for today. I’ll be interviewing Nicole from about her experience with online home marketing.

Dawn: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your business?

Sure, my name is Dawn and I’m the owner of I’ve been helping people create passive income streams online for a couple of years. Now, I help my clients find effective home based marketing strategies that they can use to grow their business.

Nicole: Can you introduce us to your readers?

Sure, my name is Nicole from I’ve been running my personal finance blog for the last three years and have quite the following. My niche is financial literacy and I specialize in finding helpful tips and tricks for individuals living in today’s world. I like to think of my audience as intelligent women who want to become independent and have a healthy bank account. I also have two other blogs that I run – How to Become a Mystery Shopper and My Weekly Forecast – where I share my insights on the economy and financial markets.

What was your marketing strategy to attract readers to your website?

When I first launched my blog, I didn’t have much money to spend on paid advertising. So, I relied on my blog’s niche – financial literacy – to attract potential readers. I posted articles focusing on ways to improve your financial situation. From there, the traffic began to trickle in. I slowly added more and more relevant articles to my blog’s content and eventually, the traffic began to grow. In the last three years, my blog’s traffic has averaged around 400 visitors per day. I’ve been regularly blogging for multiple years and consider myself quite the expert in the field. While this may not seem like a lot, considering my client base, it’s actually a decent amount!

How much did you spend on paid advertising and what was the result of your efforts?

I didn’t really track my paid advertising efforts closely but I know I spent a decent amount. I used a combination of AdWords, HubSpot, and Facebook ads to reach my target audience. I tried different types of ads and experimented with different placements to maximize my return on investment. For example, I might use a different ad on Facebook to reach my target audience compared to using AdWords. I also used Google Display & AdWords to market my blog. With each campaign, I tracked the results closely and adjusted my strategy based on what worked and what didn’t work. I probably spent around $1000 on paid advertising in total. The results of my efforts can be found here.

What was the turning point in your business when you decided to pursue online marketing?

I actually began investigating online marketing strategies a couple of years before I started my blog. At that time, I had a pretty good sized audience on my social media platforms and was getting a lot of engagement. So, I began to experiment with different blog posts to see what would happen. Some of the posts got a lot of engagement and I realized that this was a feasible way to make money online. I began looking into ways to monetize my blog and happened upon the phrase “online home marketing.” I found that a lot of the big brands were paying bloggers to write about their products or services. Essentially, they’d buy “online home marketing” from a freelance writer and use it in their next blog post. So, that’s when I decided to try it. Here’s the perfect article for you to promote on your blog!