The Ultimate Guide to Online Courses in Digital Marketing

In the brave new world of online learning, there are now countless platforms, or “e-learning tools,” that can be used to deliver any type of learning experience. Courses can be hosted on platforms like Blogs, wikis, and social media. These are just a few examples of the many different places video lessons can reside.

With such a variety of places for learning to exist, how can you decide which one is right for you? Let’s take a look at the various types of online courses available and the secrets to successful completion so you can decide which courses are worth your time and money.

Video Courses

If you’re a visual learner, then video courses are the perfect match for you. In fact, videos can even be used to enhance your in-person courses. You can record short video clips that you can use to guide your students through a concept or process, asking them questions as you go. When they complete a video course, you can follow up with a traditional in-person or blended in-person and online course to make sure they have the skills needed to succeed in their jobs. 

There are many platforms, such as Squarespace, that can create an online course for you with the perfect video clips, graphics, and even an interactive element, like a quiz or a slideshow of your products.

Text-Based Courses

While videos can be a great way to learn, especially for visual learners, not all learning occurs via video lessons. For those who prefer to learn through text, then text-based courses are the ideal option. These courses can take the form of an eBook, a well-written tutorial, or an info-packed blog post. When an instructor posts a new lesson, students can click a link in the email they receive to download the content in an affordable and convenient format (most blogs post their content to their readers through emails).

One of the best things about text-based courses is the ability to explore topics in-depth. You, the instructor, may write a lengthy blog post exposing students to a subject you are passionate about. Alternatively, you can write a detailed tutorial that will eventually become a book and give students an opportunity to explore a wide range of information on a single topic. What’s more, you can create a course for several related topics, earning you even more money!

Who Should Take This Course?

Anyone who is interested in learning about marketing should consider the above-mentioned courses because they will both teach you valuable lessons that can be applied to your day-to-day life even if you don’t work in an office. The basic Marketing 101 course, for example, will teach you how to create a marketing plan, how to design a website, what tools are needed to be effective at marketing, and much more. You will also learn about various types of marketing, so even if you are already familiar with the subject, you will learn new things.

If you are working in an Office Sector, then the Marketing 20XX course, on the other hand, is ideal because it will help you develop marketing skills that can be used to immediately impact your worklife. After completing this course, you will be able to design online advertisements, write SEO content for websites, and much more. Additionally, you will learn about various psychological approaches that can be used to market products. This will allow you to become much more effective at marketing even if you don’t work in an office.

Video and text-based courses can both be used to great effect even if you’re already familiar with the subject matter. The key is to find a course that suits your learning style and then use the tools available to you to complete the course as efficiently as possible. Doing so will ensure you gain the maximum benefit possible from your investment in learning and that you can provide value to your customers even if you don’t work in an office.