Top 5 Online Courses for Social Media Marketing

For those looking to make the shift to social media marketing, there’s no denying the importance of gaining practical knowledge and skills. However, with a rising number of platforms to learn on, how can one determine which one is the right fit for them? Here are five platforms that can help you gain the skills you need to be effective in the field.


YouTube is the de facto standard in online video, and the majority of social media marketing videos are now posted there. With billions of views per month, it’s an open platform that any business can join and use to gain support and engage with customers. Plus, there’s a wealth of knowledge on the platform that you can draw on if you’re looking for specific training.

One of the best things about YouTube is that it doesn’t discriminate against any business or brand. If you’ve got a great product that you think might benefit from being featured on YouTube, you can ask the platform for help! The best part is that if your product is reviewed and featured on the platform, it will greatly increase your brand’s credibility and visibility.


Instagram is another popular social media platform that can help you gain practical knowledge and expand your reach with your target audience. Similar to YouTube, Instagram doesn’t discriminate against any business or brand, allowing you to gain unprecedented exposure to your audience.

One of the best things about Instagram is that it’s extremely easy to use. All you need to do is connect your business’ account with your Instagram account and start posting to start engaging with your audience. From there, you can take advantage of the platform’s many features to tailor your content to suit your target audience’s needs and wants.


Snapchat is the fastest-growing social media network, with over 500 million daily active users. It’s a mobile-only platform that was created as an alternative to traditional social media sites, where users mostly share humorous, self-deprecating short stories. If that sounds like something that would interest your target audience, you can use Snapchat to your advantage by using the platform’s many filters and stickers to create unique, engaging experiences for your audience. It’s a very handy platform to have in your back pocket for when you’re brainstorming ideas for your next marketing campaign.


Facebook is the largest and most popular of the Big Four, with over 2.4 billion active users each month. It’s also one of the most complex platforms to utilize effectively for marketing. While the social media giant does provide many features and tools for marketers to use, it’s a bit unwieldy and not really designed for individuals to use independently. That being said, if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for your entire marketing needs, Facebook can be a useful tool for you.

What makes Facebook so valuable is that it has the most active users in the world, which means your target audience is already there and willing to engage with your content. Additionally, because it’s such a large and popular social media network, if you do post something that’s considered inappropriate by Facebook’s standards, you’ll likely receive a response from at least one of their 35+ million employees. That’s a potentially damaging exposure you don’t want to have to deal with.


Twitter is another platform that can be a great tool for marketers. It’s immensely popular, with over 500 million monthly active users. Similar to the other platforms discussed here, Twitter doesn’t discriminate against any business or brand. It’s also extremely easy to use, requiring only a few short steps to get started.

What makes Twitter so valuable is that it provides a wealth of knowledge on any given topic. If you’re looking to become a more effective marketer, you can find out everything you need to know on Twitter. From gaining insight into your target audience’s behavior to discovering top-notch influencers and gaining inspiration from their content, Twitter can help you in every aspect of your new role as a marketer.

Whether you’re just getting started or you’re looking for an extra boost to your existing marketing efforts, Twitter can help you find the answers you’re looking for. With a little bit of effort, you can make the most of this valuable resource.


LinkedIn is the network used primarily for job-seeking, with over 250 million monthly active users. However, LinkedIn can also be a useful tool for marketers, providing a wealth of knowledge on industry-specific topics, marketing strategies and tactics, and much more.

What makes LinkedIn so valuable is that it functions like a traditional business magazine, providing you with in-depth information on a range of topics. Additionally, you can find hundreds of thousands of professionals who are actively looking for a job, which means there’s always someone available to connect with if you’re looking to expand your network. Furthermore, LinkedIn connects you with other professionals who can provide valuable advice and guidance on your journey to success.

When it comes to gaining knowledge and skills, none of the above mentioned platforms are hard to learn on. However, if you’re looking to build a successful career in marketing, especially in the field of social media marketing, it’s important to find the right mentor who can help you navigate the above platforms and provide you with the practical knowledge you need to grow your business.