Online Business & Marketing Journals: The Ultimate Resource to Stay Up-to-Date

Looking for a way to stay up-to-date with all the latest news, events, and analysis about the online business and marketing sectors? Wanting to keep abreast of what’s new, fresh, and trending across digital marketing, social media, SEO, and content strategy?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll tell you about some of the best online business and marketing journals out there, which provide a valuable resource for anyone wanting to stay sharp in today’s fast-paced world. We’ll also discuss some of the key differences between each journal, as well as the value they hold for executives, managers, and students alike.

The Content Strategist

If you’re keen to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, or want to inject some originality into your content marketing, you’ll likely want to look for a journal dedicated to the subject. The Content Strategist is a bimonthly journal published by the University of Melbourne that was founded in 2013. The journal is dedicated to exploring how businesses and brands can generate, analyse, and distribute content to achieve marketing and business goals.

Established in 2013, The Content Strategist was originally called The Brand Strategy Journal, and was renamed in September 2017 when the print version of the journal was rebranded as a standalone brand. The journal is currently available to read for free online, and provides managers, marketers, business owners, and content creators with news, analysis, and research about content marketing, strategy, and analytics.

The Content Marketing Institute’s Journal

The Content Marketing Institute’s Journal is a bimonthly journal published by the Content Marketing Institute that was founded in 2016. With a focus on emerging trends and providing insight into digital content marketing, the journal aims to become a must-read source of information for any individual interested in the field.

This journal is perfect for anyone looking to master content marketing, whether you’re already doing so, or want to get started. We believe that this journal will appeal to marketers, business owners, content creators, and editorialists across all industries.

MarketingCharts’ Journal

Founded in 1994, MarketingCharts’ Journal is a bimonthly journal published by the MarketingCharts Group that focuses on providing market insights for marketers. One of the most reputable sources of digital marketing information out there, the journal regularly features in-depth analysis of industry trends, benchmarking research, and case studies from across the globe.

This international audience appreciates the value of this journal, considering it the go-to source for all things marketing. With more than 500 subscribers, it is clear to see the reach and impact that the journal has.

MarketingCharts’ Big Market Research

If you’re looking to conduct your own marketing research and want a reliable source for market insights, you’ll want to check out MarketingCharts’ Big Market Research, a bimonthly global scientific journal that was founded in 1920 and published by the MarketingCharts Group.

This market research journal is exactly what it says on the tin. The journal features in-depth qualitative and quantitative research reports that examine consumer behaviour, marketing performance, and corporate strategy. In addition to this primary research, the journal also provides a platform for industry experts to present their analysis of the latest trends and developments.

Considering its age, it’s no surprise that this journal is a valued resource for marketers around the world. Even if you’re not specifically looking for market research, the key themes that it explores—industry trends, consumer behaviour, and business performance—are all valuable to any marketer.

MarketingCharts’ Marketing Management

If you’re looking to enter the field of marketing management, or want to develop your existing skills, you’ll likely want to consider MarketingCharts’ Marketing Management, a bimonthly journal published by the MarketingCharts Group that provides in-depth analysis of marketing theory and practice.

Founded in 1992, the MarketingCharts Group is a global organisation that aims to empower people in the marketing sector through education and research. The group publishes more than a dozen scientific and academic journals, as well as the aforementioned marketing management journal.

This respected organisation continues to expand its operations, with centres in London, Dubai, and Sao Paulo.

The sheer volume of content that they produce is enough for even the most dedicated hobbyist to get lost in for hours on end. However, the value of this resource is hard to overstate. Not only does it provide a platform for marketers, advertising executives, and business owners to come together and share their best practice, but it also acts as a gateway to further education for those in the field. For anyone considering a professional career in marketing, this is surely a must-read journal.

Though the above-mentioned journals are all extremely useful and well-established, you should also consider creating your own niche journal if you don’t find the content that they provide to be relevant or valuable. Whether you’re looking to promote your personal brand, an upcoming event, or want to find the best way to approach a specific industry challenge, you can use this guide to help you find the best fit.