How to Market Your Movie Online – A Guide for Newcomers

The Basics

If you’re just getting started with online marketing, then it’s important to understand the basics first. This blog post will give you an overview of the most important things you need to know regarding movie marketing online.

The Importance of Having A Plan

If you’re an entrepreneur or a small business owner, you know the importance of having a plan. Without a plan, you’re just shooting in the dark, hoping that something will happen. However, things rarely go according to plan, and that’s why you should always have a backup plan. A plan will give you a roadmap, showing you exactly where you’re headed and how to get there. Having a plan helps you to avoid wasting time and energy, and it gives you something to refer to when doubts or uncertainties arise.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at how you can use a plan for your movie marketing online.

Pick A Niche

If you’re looking to create a successful blog, then you need to pick a niche. This is similar to what entrepreneurs have known as ‘picking a niche and sticking to it’. When you pick a niche, you’re choosing a very specific topic that you’ll focus on regularly. You won’t be able to build a blog around every aspect of being a movie buff, so you have to narrow your focus. For example, if you love documentaries, then you can start a blog around that topic. Alternatively, if you love action movies, you can start a blog around that subject matter. The point is to pick a topic that you know a lot about and that will be both interesting and helpful to your audience. In return, you’ll receive a steady stream of engaged visitors who are looking for content relating to your niche.

When picking a niche, you also need to consider the competitive landscape. Not only is having a clear understanding of your competitors important, but it also helps you to better position yourself in the marketplace. If you don’t know much about your competitors, then it’s probably a good idea to research them before making any important decisions. In some cases, it may be beneficial to work with a reputable digital marketing agency to get a clear understanding of the industry and the competition.

Start A Twitter Account

If you haven’t already done so, then you should definitely start a Twitter account. You can use this account to connect with other industry people and to get exclusive updates from brands and businesses you follow. Many brands use Twitter tools like the Hashtag, the Auto-Tweet, and the Re-Tweet button to get the most out of their accounts. If you’re not using these tools regularly, then it may be a good idea to do so. They can help you to spread the word about your blog and to gain credibility with your audience.

Create A Planner

A planner is similar to a notebook, only it’s specifically designed for brainstorming and collecting ideas. You can use a planner to jot down notes, brainstorm ideas, and organize your thoughts. The most useful thing about a planner is that it helps you to see everything clearly at once. If you’ve got lots of ideas, then you can refer to the notes section at the back to find the one that will best suit your needs. Additionally, you can create subheadings and organize your ideas according to these subheadings. For example, you might want to create a heading for ‘Trailers and Teasers’ and another one for ‘Online Reviews’. This will then make it much easier to find what you’re looking for when researching movie marketing online later on.

Create A Blog Around The Theme Music

Your choices in movie soundtracks can affect your blog’s overall vibe and tone. Indeed, the soundtrack of a film can be as important as the film’s story itself. Therefore, you should always consider the music you use when building a blog. One of the first things a reader will notice is the audio, so you need to make sure it’s of a high quality. However, you don’t need to limit yourself to one particular type of music – you can use anything for an inspiration, as long as you create original music that fits the theme of your blog. For example, if you’re reviewing a documentary, then you might want to use music from the era to create an evocative mood. A fun fact – many successful blogs use music in their articles. So, if you love a particular band or artist, then this is a guaranteed way to emulate their success.

Don’t Forget About The Little Details

When writing a blog post, you should always consider the little details. These details don’t matter much on their own, but when taken together, they can really make a difference. For example, did you use a font that’s easy to read? Did you create a header and a footer for the blog post that’s consistent with your website’s design? Did you put a call to action at the end of the article, or did you leave your readers with a vague suggestion to ‘check back with us soon’? All of these details can either help or hurt your blog’s SEO (search engine optimization), so it’s worth thinking about them.

With that in mind, let’s discuss some of the most important aspects of movie marketing online.

Choose An Established Blog Platform

As I mentioned earlier, many successful blogs use Twitter to gain credibility and to attract audience. If you’re looking to do the same, then you should consider using a blog platform that’s already established. This way, you won’t have to worry about building a following and getting traffic – the platform will do that for you. In some cases, you might even be able to get premium account features, like adverts or free content.

Create A Landing Page

A landing page is similar to a website home page – it’s where you’ll attract potential blog readers to click through and read more. However, a landing page doesn’t have to be flashy or full of bright colors – it just has to look professional. This is especially important if you’re trying to attract advertisers or if you want to earn money from affiliate marketing. If you’re using a free blogging platform like Blogger or, then you can use their built-in functions to create a simple landing page.

The Difference In Quality

Before we leave the topic of the blog itself, I want to point out that some blogs are simply better than others. For example, if you read my blog, then you’ll know that I usually focus on film music and history. Although these are topics that are both interesting to me, they aren’t necessarily interesting to my audience. The key is to find your audience’s interest and to address them with your content. Some blogs have a more universal appeal than others, becoming popular with everyone from film fans to the general public. One of the best examples of this is – the comedic writing on this site is exceptional, as is the case with many other comedic blogs. If you’re looking for an example to follow, then Cracked is a good place to start.

Always Include A Call To Action

Now, this may seem like an obvious tip, but it’s worth repeating. Always include a call to action at the end of every article. This will help your readers to understand what you’re asking of them – are you asking them to take a survey or to sign up for a newsletter? The most successful blogs include a call to action at the end of every article, and this is something that will help you to emulate their success.

Hopefully, this post gave you some food for thought – the basics of movie marketing online. From choosing a niche to creating a plan and having a landing page, this post will help get you started on the right foot. Thanks for reading! I hope this helps you in your quest to become an online entrepreneur.