How to Motivate My Team on Online Marketing

If you’re looking to motivate your team on online marketing, where do you start?

Inevitably, you’ll come across individuals and teams who need a little extra push to get the job done. Maybe you’re a manager or an owner who needs to see their team perform at their best, or maybe you’re an account manager who needs to ensure that your salespeople are hitting their numbers. Whatever the case, you need a plan to get the most out of your people. That’s where this article comes in. We’re going to teach you 18 ways to get your team engaged and motivated on marketing activities across the digital landscape.

1. Reward & Recognize them For Their Efforts

You can’t really motivate your people without first rewarding them for their efforts. Not surprisingly, the majority of these rewards fall into one of three categories: money, gift cards and recognition. Consider rewarding your employees with a small pay rise, an extra meal once a week, a beer mug that suits their personality or anything else that might pique their interest. The key is to find something that will motivate them to keep up the good work. You can also use your rewards to recognize employees for their accomplishments.

For example, you might choose to give a gold medal to the person who achieved the best performance among a group of employees. Similarly, you could give a silver medal to the person who came second and a bronze medal to the person who came last. This is another way of recognizing employees for their efforts and encouraging them to keep going.

2. Create A Vision Of Where You Want To Be

Marketing is a constantly moving target. Just when you think you’re making progress in one area, something new and unexpected pops up. To stay engaged, you need to be able to articulate a vision of where you want to be and how you plan to get there. Your team needs to believe that what you’re promising is achievable.

The key components to this vision include:

  • A clear idea of the destination
  • A plan for how to get there
  • Reasons why you believe it will be beneficial to them
  • And last but not least,
  • Something that will keep them interested in the plan

Of course, the above is a general guideline. Every business and every team is different, so you’ll need to adjust this vision to fit your own situation. Regardless, this vision will serve as a roadmap for your team and help them stay motivated as they work to reach their goals.

3. Define Your Team’s Overall Goals & Objectives

Setting your team’s overall goals and objectives is an important part of creating a cohesive unit that can operate at its best. This is especially crucial for larger teams that may have different specialties within the organization. If your team is lacking direction, you could easily end up with some individuals who are outstanding at marketing while others are better at sales. Without a clear picture of what the team is aiming for, you’ll never know whether or not your team is achieving its full potential. Setting these goals and objectives will also help you identify specific areas where you need to provide additional training or guidance to your employees. Having a clear idea of what you’re trying to achieve will also make it easier for your team to evaluate their performance and identify areas where they need to grow.

For example, perhaps one of your goals for this year is to generate a million USD in online marketing revenue. One of your objectives for reaching this goal could be to increase your conversion rate by 10% across all platforms. You’ll need to set aside time in your schedule to review these numbers with your team and see if you’re on the right track to achieving your goal.

Before you know it, the New Year has come and gone, and you’re already dealing with the post-Christmas lull. The next several months of the year are rife with opportunity for your business, but they also come with their challenges. One of the main problems you’ll encounter is motivation. Now more than ever, your employees need to be motivated to continue providing excellent service to your customers. To keep your team engaged and motivated, you’ll need to stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies within the marketing world and harness their power to grow your business.