Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing – Online Training Courses

Looking for an opportunity to learn more about marketing and how to effectively use marketing strategies and tactics in your organization? You’ve come to the right place! In these courses you’ll learn the ins and outs of marketing in Microsoft Dynamics 365, as well as gain the experience of a seasoned marketer. These courses will help you develop your understanding of marketing and how to apply that knowledge in the real world to achieve results.

There are three (3) training courses available for you to choose from, two (2) of which are online. You can learn more about them and their contents below.

Marketing Strategy

In the first course, Marketing Strategy, you’ll learn the basics of marketing, including how to identify and analyze the goals of your marketing program, the role of marketing analytics, and how to benchmark your organization’s performance.

Understand and use marketing analytics to track the performance of your marketing programs and strategies Learn how to use marketing analytics to develop a clear picture of your organization’s marketing strategy and its effectiveness Learn how to identify the digital marketing approaches that are right for your organization Understand how to get the most from marketing analytics to measure the performance of your marketing programs and strategies

Marketing Execution

In the second course, Marketing Execution, you’ll learn how to plan and implement the media buying and content creation strategies that can drive revenue and brand awareness in your organization. You’ll learn the differentiators and how to identify the content that will resonate with your ideal buyer personas.

Understand and use different marketing automation tools to engage potential customers and nurture those relationships Establish performance benchmarks against which you can track the success of your program Learn how to use marketing automation to drive more effective, intelligent marketing decisions Identify the tools and platforms that can help you automate the marketing process

Marketing Platforms & Tools

In the third course, Marketing Platforms & Tools, you’ll learn how to plan, analyze, and optimize the different stages of your marketing program, including lead generation, content creation, and engagement. You’ll learn the basic concepts, tools, and technologies that can be used to carry out your marketing tasks and strategies.

Learn how to generate, measure, and report on marketing activity Learn how to plan and develop a marketing strategy that uses digital marketing platforms and tools to support your marketing programs Understand how marketing analytics can be used to optimize your overall marketing program

Each of these courses is designed for a complete beginner, as well as for those who have some experience in marketing and just want to learn more. You’ll learn the most useful and practical information and gain the most from this training. By the end of these courses, you’ll be able to develop and implement a marketing strategy and plan, as well as use various marketing tools to engage with potential customers, collect leads, and track the results of your marketing programs.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to learn more about marketing, how to implement it effectively in your organization, and how to use various tools to gain insight and analyze performance, then these courses are for you. Don’t forget, you can also take this training online so you can work independently or in groups as well (split screening).