Michael Hagerty: Top Online Marketing Consultant

You’ve probably heard of Michael Hagerty. If not, you may know his work. Hagerty is a leading online marketing consultant, having worked with over a thousand clients worldwide.

Hagerty and his team have helped drive over $1 billion in revenue for their clients. His impressive resume includes working as a senior advisor to the CEO of Havij. Hagerty also authored the bestselling book, How to Blog for Profit.

The Growth Of Squarespace

To learn more about Hagerty and the growing importance of online marketing, let’s look at how he helped Squarespace grow to what it is today. Once upon a time, Squarespace was a simple blog hosting company with a few features. Now it’s a complete digital marketing agency, providing everything from SEO to landing page design, analytics, and more.

It’s not a secret that Squarespace’s product wasn’t cutting it for a lot of individuals and businesses. They needed someone to help them grow and take their platform global. That’s when they called on Hagerty.

According to Arment, Squarespace tripled their revenue in under a year through a combination of organic growth and acquisition. Hagerty and his team worked with Squarespace to develop a digital marketing plan, and then implemented his strategies. Some of Hagerty’s tactics included SEO, content research, and social media marketing.

Hagerty admits that Squarespace’s rapid growth was a bit of luck, and that they wouldn’t have succeeded without the proper strategy. He also wouldn’t disclose which tactics he used to grow the business, but says that they were all proven to be effective.

Why Blogging Is Still Popular

Although many businesses have switched to social media for marketing, marketing through a blog still has many advantages. If your business is built around offering exceptional customer service, you can gain credibility with website visitors through exceptional content.

Blogging is also a good choice if you’re looking for more engagement. Visitors can comment on your blog posts, asking questions or expressing opinions. This interaction is vital for forming credibility, as well as attracting potential customers to your business. Blogging is also fairly easy to do, and doesn’t require a lot of technical expertise.

Further, if your business is oriented towards educating customers, you can use your blog to provide valuable information. If someone is searching for information on your niche, you can provide highly relevant and valuable content that will undoubtedly attract potential customers to your website.

The Importance Of SEO

Search engine optimization is still one of the most effective ways to gain organic traffic to your blog. If you’re looking for a proven, step-by-step guide to getting your blog ranked no matter what, check out SEO For Dummies by Michael D. Jones.

It’s a widely accepted fact that SEO is more than just getting your blog’s content to match keywords. You also need to consider other factors, like HTML optimization, heading tags, and ensuring that your post’s content is engaging.

These three areas of SEO will help bring in more visitors to your site, which in turn, can boost your revenue. When someone lands on your website via a search engine, the first thing they see is the title of your post. This is where your headline comes in: make sure that it’s catchy and incorporates the most important keywords.

The second most important thing visitors on your site will see is the content of your post. This is why you need to take the time to craft an exceptional piece of content; ensuring that it’s relevant to your target audience and that it will keep them interested in your blog post.

The Rise Of Inbound

If you’re looking for a new approach to marketing, you might want to consider trying out inbound marketing. This type of marketing focuses on attracting, engaging, and delighting customers rather than relying on pitching to them to buy your product. It also places less emphasis on sales, and more emphasis on establishing meaningful connections with potential customers.

Inbound Marketing was first coined by Brian Balfour in his 2009 book, The Art of Inbound Marketing.

One of the distinguishing factors of inbound marketing is that it focuses on establishing strong, meaningful connections with potential customers, rather than strong, meaningless connections. You can apply the 4 C’s of Inbound Marketing to build a solid foundation for your business (consultants, coaches, analysts, and creatives):

  • Coaching
  • Content
  • Curiosity
  • Consultancy
  • Creativity

If you’re curious about implementing a more nurturing marketing approach, try out inbound marketing. You may find that this is a better fit for your business.

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The Importance Of Landing Pages And Website Conversions

You’ve undoubtedly heard of Google Analytics. If you’re using Google products for marketing, you’ll be glad to know that you can import your Google Analytics data into Spreadsheets, where you can do a lot of useful analysis. One of the most important metrics that you can look at is conversions: the percentage of individuals who’ve taken a certain action (usually a purchase) after viewing your website.

According to HubSpot Blogger, creating a landing page does not guarantee your website’s success. You also need to make sure that the landing page integrates easily with other marketing channels, such as social media.

Your landing page should contain all the information that a visitor might need to take the desired action (e.g., a phone number or an email address). Make sure to create a series of simple and clear calls to action, with the most prominent one appearing at the top of the page.

To learn more about the growth of Squarespace and the importance of SEO, inbound marketing, and landing pages, watch the video below. This informative video will give you a good idea of what strategies worked and which ones may need to be changed to fit your business.

Top Online Marketing Consultants

Now that you have some idea of what an online marketing consultant does, how he helps businesses succeed online, and the importance of digital marketing in general, you may be wondering where you can find expert help. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most prominent names in digital marketing.

1. Michael Hagerty—the inventor of blog commenting and an expert in all things related to marketing through a blog. Hagerty is a leading online marketing consultant, working with clients around the world to grow their businesses and brands.

2. Jason King –– co-founder of CrazyEgg, a software development company that creates tools for website owners. CrazyEgg provides free tools for marketers who want to see how their website looks on various devices.

3. Rand Fishwick –– one of the co-founders of Lithium, a media company that provides business-focused data and analysis to consumer brands.

4. Brian Clark –– founder of BLAST Media, an independent media buying agency that builds online communities around brands.

5. Michael Beck –– co-founder of Digital Marketing Agency, The Foundry, where he leads strategy and growth.

6. Michelle Dickinson –– co-founder of Future Inc, a digital marketing agency that focuses on creating impactful digital marketing campaigns for small businesses.

Final Takeaway

If you’re looking for an expert to help you improve your brand’s digital footprint, consider hiring a consultant. They can help you determine your business goals and objectives, as well as develop a plan to achieve your desired results. If you’re looking for a proven, step-by-step guide to getting your blog ranked no matter what, try out SEO For Dummies by Michael D. Jones. If you’re curious about applying the 4 C’s of Inbound Marketing to build a solid foundation for your business, read the HubSpot Blogger piece, “The Growth of Squarespace and the Importance of SEO, Inbound Marketing, and Landing Pages.” Finally, for more information on the importance of digital marketing and a roundup of the most prominent names in the field, watch the video below.