Maximizing the Power of Images & Video in Your Online Marketing

You’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, admiring the beautiful images and stylish videos other brands are sharing, when you come across an image that stops you in your tracks.

Instagram’s image-based platform is one of the biggest and most popular in the world, and it’s constantly evolving to meet the demand of its users for high-quality content. While the photo-sharing platform has allowed marketers to have an open dialogue about various topics – from fashion to beauty to lifestyle – one area that’s remained somewhat taboo is digital marketing.

Whether you’re a marketer for a major brand or an entrepreneur who just launched a new business, you’re bound to come across customers who are on social media. If your product or service is featured in an Instagram post, you’re bound to see a spike in sales.

But when it comes to digital marketing, how can we, as marketers, harness this power and utilize social media to draw in potential customers and grow our businesses?

Here are five ways to use Instagram to grow your business.

1. Build Brand Awareness

It’s important to remember that in today’s media-rich world, marketing to the masses is no longer a practical option. Having a broad demographic reach is important, but unless your product or service is suitable for a wide audience, your business will struggle to grow.

By taking a niche approach – that is, reaching out to a specific audience beyond your regular customer base – you can effectively target potential customers who are more receptive to your brand.

What is more, by appealing to people’s emotions rather than just their logic, you can engage them on a more personal level and, potentially, get them to act or buy from you rather than your competitors.

On the other hand, simply following the herd and appealing to the masses with humorous memes and funny videos will only get you so far. To truly engage with your audience and grow your business, you need to stand for something.

2. Gain Insights Into Your Customers

Instagram is a goldmine when it comes to gaining insights into your customers. You can easily find out what appeals to them and what draws them in – even down to the individual hashtag they’re using. Not only that, but you can also find people who are interested in your product or service, based on what you’ve posted.

You can also use Instagram to determine what is motivating your customers to behave the way they are, and what would make them more engaged with your content. For example, are they sharing your content because it reflects their interests or lifestyle? Or do they simply find it entertaining?

3. Identify Your Ideal Buyers

Instagram allows for a great deal of customization when it comes to your content’s appearance, meaning you can tailor it to a niche audience. If you’re focusing on a certain area of fashion, you can choose to target people who are into streetwear or hip-hop culture and, thus, allow you to hone your product or service into something more specific.

An even more specific approach is to choose a demographic and use the platform’s algorithm to find people who match that audience. For example, if you’re a women’s fashion brand, you can go with something like “#girlswearstyle” as your hashtag to draw in people who are into trendy women’s fashion.

You can also choose to limit your search to certain parts of the world to see only images from specific areas. For example, if you’re looking for a piece of ladies’ fashionshort, you can set your location to “London” to see only content from the United Kingdom.

4. Measure the Impact of Your Content

Instagram is filled with analytics tools that can help you track the results of your content’s performance. For example, you can use the platform’s built-in tools to see how many people are viewing your content, where they’re coming from, and what they’re doing after they visit your profile. From there, you can determine the effectiveness of your content and make necessary changes to improve it.

Google Analytics is also a great option, especially if you have a website. You can use this tool to track the traffic to your site, identify the keywords people are using to find your content, and learn about your customers’ behavior once they’re on your website.

5. Use Your Social Media Accounts

While it’s important to have a presence on all social media, you can put particular focus into your Instagram and other social media accounts to gain the most traction. If you have an Instagram account, you can use the platform’s built-in tools to promote your business. Or, if you prefer, you can hire a company to do the legwork for you.

For example, if you want to grow your brand awareness, you can use Instagram to reach a broad audience and make your business known to those who follow you. Moreover, if you choose a popular hashtag or keyword, you can see how many people are talking about your brand, and possibly, gain some traction through your social media.

The key takeaway from this article is that Instagram can be a powerful tool for business growth – as long as you’re using it to your advantage.