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I’m sure you’ve heard of the power of social media to grow brands. After all, wouldn’t you rather be notified of upcoming sales or promotions by your friends than strangers? The answer is most likely yes. That’s why when you log on to social media to check your email or message board, you’re often met with brand pages.

These are accounts built around brands, often consisting of nothing more than a picture of the brand’s logo with a brief description of what the brand does. While the practice isn’t entirely new, the internet has made it much easier for businesses to set up branded Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, and Instagram accounts. And why not? If someone is going to be interacting with your potential customers on social media, then it makes sense for you to be on there too.

What’s more is that with email marketing, you can target your messages to the individuals on social media who are already interested in your product or service. So, the strategy makes complete sense.

From Buzzfeed to TikTok

It’s interesting to trace the origin of the ‘brand account’ on social media. Buzzfeed, a popular news website, was the first to popularize the strategy, with articles like these:

  • How to Create the Perfect Instagram Story
  • The Essential Items You Need to Have in Your Bedroom
  • The Unexpected Places You May Find Traces of Princess Diana

Buzzfeed’s approach was to use a combination of funny memes and interesting facts to draw viewers in and engage them. But, at the same time, they wanted to keep a professional appearance, so they used only carefully selected images of logos and brands. Later, other brands would adopt this approach as well, using logos rather than trying to come up with funny captions.

As social media evolved, so did the strategy. In 2019, brand accounts became even more popular as brands began to discover the value of having a presence on social media. This was evidenced by the fact that 60% of adults on social media use the platform to follow or subscribe to brands.

The fact is people are drawn to brands they know and respect, which is why if you’re planning to set up a social media account, then it makes sense to connect with other brands you admire or have some connection to.

Setting Up Your Own Brand Account

There are several reasons why you might want to create a brand account rather than use an existing one. For one thing, you can apply the same principles of effective marketing to grow your influence and make your account more valuable. Just remember to be selective about the content you share, as this will determine how people perceive you.

Keep a look out for these critical questions when you’re deciding what to post:

  • Does this comment or article add value?
  • Does this comment or article help or hinder my business?
  • Does this comment or article make me chuckle?

The reason why you want to avoid posting comments or articles that are purely promotional is simple: people come to social media for different reasons, and if your content does not add value, then you’re likely to lose followers.

You can also create a brand account for other reasons, such as to highlight your expertise or give people the opportunity to connect with you directly. However, if you want to be effective, then you need to keep in mind that your content is being served to an audience that is already interested in your subject matter. This makes it much more likely that your content will be valuable and helpful to someone.

Branded Content Rules!

There are several basic guidelines you need to follow when posting to a brand account:

  • Consult with a marketing professional: While you might be tempted to try to use your account to attract potential customers, this isn’t the right approach. Instead, use your branded content to educate or entertain your audience.
  • Be Selective About The Content You Post: You wouldn’t want to bombard your audience with promotional pitches, because this will turn off potential customers. Instead, find the right balance between valuable content and brand promos.
  • Avoid Adding Too Much Content: Unless your content provides specific, valuable information to your audience, then put more thought into what you’re going to say before you say it.
  • Use KeyWords: If you’re writing an article, then use the keywords in the article title and throughout the text. This will help the target audience find your content when they search using keywords.
  • Create An Avatar: To make your account more accessible to people, you need to create an avatar. An avatar is a small picture you can add to your profile to represent you. It will help others identify you more easily on social media.
  • Don’t Forget The Basics: Even if you have the best idea for a blog post or idea for a YouTube video, without a properly done head shot, the video will likely end up on the trash can. Remember to put your face in the picture.
  • Use A Quality Camera: Having a high-quality camera allows you to take better pictures in general. This means you can put more value into each picture you post.
  • Use Pictures Of People: If you want your content to be considered valuable, then use images that are relevant to your subject matter. People love to see themselves in the content you post, so if you want your content to be valuable, then take quality pictures.
  • Use GIFs: To make your content more entertaining, add GIFs. These are short-form video clips that can add humor or comic relief to your content.

When you follow these guidelines, then you’ll be able to make your brand account more valuable. People will notice you and your content will be more likely to be helpful to them. With these elements in place, you’re ready to begin using social media to grow your business.