Marketing Team for Online Video Service: 5 Tips for an Amazing Team

Creating a marketing team for an online video service can seem overwhelming. There are so many moving parts that it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and curated this comprehensive guide to help you build an awesome marketing team for your new venture.

Build A Marketing Plan

One of the first things you should do is to build a marketing plan. A marketing plan is a roadmap for your marketing efforts, which includes everything from setting a budget to developing campaigns and strategies. You can find lots of marketing plan templates on template platforms like Canva.

You’ll need to fill in the details of what you intend to do. Be as specific as possible. This will help you and your team stay focused and avoid any unnecessary bumps along the way. Remember: being consistent is key to success!

Create Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

A marketer’s job is to drive sales, right? True, but the better your KPIs the better your marketing. Your key performance indicators (KPIs) are specific measures that you and your team can track to measure the success of your marketing efforts. These numbers will also form the basis for your annual performance review.

The most common and effective KPIs for video marketing are typically views (or reach), subscribers, and dollars spent. The first two are fairly self-explanatory; views and subscribers are important to measure the effectiveness of your content while dollars spent is important to track the overall success of your marketing campaign. There are many tools that can help you track these numbers easily, such as Google Analytics.

Establish Metrics For Measuring Team Performance

Now that you have a clear idea of what you intend to achieve with your marketing team, you can start establishing metrics for measuring team performance. A lot of video marketing teams are very informal and don’t have clear benchmarks or ways to evaluate their performance. The better your metrics the better your overall performance and the more effectively you can track everything you do.

Bring in Subject Matter Experts

If you have a background in marketing or sales and know exactly what your customers are looking for, then you can be sure that your marketing efforts will be more effective. Subject matter experts, also known as SMEs for short, can help you develop marketing strategies and campaigns as well as track metrics and evaluate performance. Bringing in subject matter experts might seem overwhelming, but it can be one of the most vital ingredients to the formation of an effective marketing team.

Use Online Video Software For Measuring Performance

If you want to be able to track the success of your online video marketing efforts, then you should consider using online video software to do so. Online video software makes it easy to track the number of views, subscribers, and likes on your videos as well as build and follow-up with audiences using automated email campaigns. The best part is there are tons of free tools on the market that you can get started with.

You’ll need to pick your battles with the software. Some of the most popular and effective tools for video marketing include TubeBuddy, which is an RSS and YouTube video syndication tool; and Vidyard, which is an online video platform that makes it easy to upload, store, and promote videos.

Determine Team Members’ Role

It’s important to understand the roles and responsibilities of each team member before you start assembling the team. Ideally, you’ll want to have a lead person who’s in charge of defining the team’s overall strategy and goals as well as measuring the success of the team’s efforts. This will be the person who briefs the rest of the team on key tasks, issues, and metrics.

You might also want to have someone on the team who’s responsible for the day-to-day operations. This could be someone who’s in charge of content creation, editing, and posting or it could be a team of specialists. Either way, they’ll need to coordinate with the rest of the team to ensure that deadlines are met and tasks are getting completed as planned.

Build Out The Rest Of The Team

Once you have a small team of committed individuals working together, you can start adding more specialists and detail-oriented individuals to the mix. To create a more formal structure, one person on the team should be designated as the manager while another should be designated as the assistant manager. The manager will typically be the one who has the most experience in the field and can take charge of the entire team while the assistant manager is there to assist with administrative tasks.

You’ll also need someone to handle production, someone to work on content, and someone to take care of marketing. Production can be someone in-house or a hired contractor while content can be anything from creating marketing materials to writing and editing articles to posting video tutorials.

Marketing is an extremely broad field, so it’s a good idea to designate one person as a specialist in this area while the rest are generalists. The specialist can take charge of developing and executing plans while the rest help with administrative tasks and research. As you build out your team, it’s important to keep in mind that everyone’s contribution to the team’s success is equal and vital.

The Importance of Building A Strategic Partnership With Your Audience

Now that you have a plan in place and a team assembled, the next step is to establish a strategic partnership with your audience. Building a strong relationship with your audience is essential to the success of your marketing efforts and gives you the opportunity to provide value and build trust over time. These are the people you’ll be pitching your product or service to, so it’s important to establish credibility and trustworthiness.

The easiest way to do this is simply by being useful. Provide your audience with value and they’ll be much more likely to trust you as a partner. Create content that’s helpful and that answers questions they might have about your niche, as well as content that’s complementary to what they’ve already seen from other brands in your niche. The more you provide your audience with value, the more they’ll value your partnership and the better your chance of success.

To Do On The Day Of Your Video Marketing Launch

On the day of your video marketing launch, you and your team should already have most of the tasks completed that you’ll need to take care of. You might want to start by listening to some well-crafted demo videos to learn more about your audience and what they expect from you.

After you’ve done that, take some time to review your plan and make sure that everything is as it should be. Revisit the role of each team member and ensure that everyone’s comfortable with their assigned responsibilities. If you’re looking for a smoother rollout, then you can use a project management tool to track your tasks and deadlines. Setting up a few status updates and to do lists will keep everyone on track and ensure that important things get done on time. 

The last thing you want to do is to launch a product or service and have things go awry because you didn’t have someone on the team to take care of the minutiae. If you want a more formalized process, then you should consider using a project management tool to handle the day-to-day operations. This will ensure that deadlines are respected and that tasks are getting completed effectively.