How to Write a Good Online Review

I’m sure many of you have read online reviews of products or services. Whether you’re buying something online or booking an activity, you have probably encountered online reviews in one form or another.

These reviews can be very helpful in gaining insight into the product or service in question. However, writing a review can be tricky. In general, you want to ensure that you provide useful and accurate information regarding the product or service, without falling into the same traps that more experienced reviewers usually fall into.

The Biggest Mistake

One of the biggest mistakes that new reviewers make is to overuse sensational language. Whether you’re talking about something as simple as the appearance of your product or service, or you’re trying to impart complex ideas about the subject matter at hand, you want to keep the language civil. Remember: your readers/viewers/customers are often times bombarded with marketing spin via email, social media, and the internet in general. They’re not necessarily going to be super receptive to overuse of strong language.

Another mistake that new reviewers make is not being original enough. While it’s always nice to offer your own spin on something, as a new reviewer, you’ll often times find that the more original you are, the more likely people are to read and appreciate your opinion. If you want to write a good review, you need to find a way to be original while still sticking to the facts and avoiding hyperbole.

Reviewing For Fun Or Profit

Many people, myself included, review for fun. When you’re starting out, reviewing can be a great way to gain experience and establish yourself as an expert in your field. If you’re looking for a way to make a quick buck or two, you may want to consider seeking out sponsored posts on third party websites like Google Adsense.

As a new reviewer, you’ll often times encounter a learning curve regarding what constitutes a good review. In particular, you’ll want to make sure that your review is constructive, and helps the reader in some way. To determine if your review is good, first ensure that you have adequate information about the product or service you are reviewing. Second, make sure that you stick to the facts and provide accurate information. Finally, if you’re seeking to increase your sales, make sure that your review offers value.

Don’t Forget The Good Stuff

Even though we’ve discussed the mistakes that new reviewers make, let’s not forget the good stuff. Above all else, you want to make sure that you review only good things about the product or service in question. In other words, don’t just focus on the negative. While it’s always nice to provide an objective take on a product or service, in terms of garnering trust, you want to make sure that your readers know that you’re on their side.

Moreover, you want to be careful about giving out your personal opinion on products and services. As a new reviewer, you may find that you’ve gotten too enthused about a product or service you’ve reviewed. As a result, you may end up conveying your opinion too strongly, which can come off as biased. In an effort to remain impartial, as a new reviewer, it’s a good idea to refrain from giving your opinion until you’ve tested out the product or service in question.

The Least You Need To Know

As a new reviewer, you’ll want to make sure that you develop your own style and approach to reviewing. Moreover, with any luck, these tips will help you write a good review, regardless of whether you’re writing for a blog, or you’re seeking to increase sales via a review on a third party website.