5 Online Marketing Research Classes for College Students

With the rise of online marketing and social media, students can now gain in-demand, full-time jobs upon graduation even if they don’t have a marketing or business background. Many colleges now offer specializations in online marketing, and with classes specifically designed for students, they can gain the knowledge and skills to launch their career.

Marketing Management

Marketing Management is the umbrella term for all kinds of marketing-related courses. This includes things like marketing analytics, marketing research, and digital marketing. MarketingManagment is often considered a stepping stone to working in marketing, and this job title can open up many opportunities for students. For example, a marketing manager can work for a media agency, digital marketing agency, or advertising agency.

Marketing Research

Marketing Research is the study of marketing decisions and behavior. It focuses on gathering and analyzing data that can be used to make informed marketing decisions. Marketers use research to understand customer behavior and make informed product decisions. This is a highly specific niche within marketing. Students here can gain valuable real-world experience by conducting market research for major companies. This is also a potential route to an MBA, as many business schools now require their candidates to have a background in marketing research.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the use of digital technologies (such as search engines, social media, and automated email) to market a brand or product. It is considered a subset of marketing and often used in conjunction with traditional methods (such as radio and TV advertising, magazines, and billboards). Today, many companies practice digital marketing, and it is considered a vital tool for marketers.

Electronic Business

Electronic Business is the practice and study of selling and delivering products or services over the Internet. It can include online marketing, online marketing analytics, and e-commerce. The role of the student will be to conduct marketing research for businesses seeking to enter or expand into the online marketplace.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics is the practice of using numbers to make better business decisions. It is all about analyzing data to answer fundamental business questions, such as: How can I grow my business? What type of customer should I focus on? How effective is my marketing campaign? Data analysis can also be used to uncover previously unknown markets or customers, and help business leaders make better decisions.

These are just a few of the online marketing classes available to students. If you’re looking to gain real-world experience and prepare for a marketing or business career, consider one of these degrees.