How to Market Online: 12 Marketing Tips for Newbies

If you’re looking to grow your online marketing skills or just starting out, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll teach you the essentials of web marketing, including SEO, social media, content creation, and pay-per-click marketing.

Get To Know The Basics

To successfully market online, you must understand the underlying mechanics of how search engines work, why people come back to your site time and time again, and how to use social media to connect with your audience. Without a deep understanding of these three areas, you’ll struggle to grow your business successfully. So, if you want to become an online marketer, start by getting to know the basics of marketing, search engine optimization, and social media.

Learn SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of enhancing a website’s content and architecture to increase its visibility in search engines.

There are many different strategies for SEO, but the general idea is to optimize your content so that it will be relevant to your target audience. When a user performs a search on your site, your content will need to match, or better, the ones the search engine recommends. The better your content is, the more relevant it will be to potential customers, and the more likely a customer is to stay on your site once they find it.

If you’re not sure where to start, begin by taking a look at your target audience and figuring out what keywords they are using to find content.

Choose Keywords Carefully

The keywords you choose for your content will determine its placement in the search engine results. Before choosing these keywords, take a few minutes to determine exactly what you’re trying to promote. Use the keywords in the content itself, as well as in the meta data (the small bit of information that appears on the web page about a website), to improve your site’s visibility.

For example, let’s say you are a real-estate agent and you want to promote your business using the phrase “stunning waterfront home”. If someone types in “stunning waterfront home”, your content will show up directly below the search result.

Depending on how competitive the keywords are, there are a few things you can do to optimize your content’s exposure. First, choose a combination of keywords. Second, find keywords that are both short and long. Third, use synonyms and plurals – for example, ‘stunning waterfront homes’ also works as ‘stunning waterfront homes’.

If you want to learn more, use a tool like Google AdWords Keyword Planner to find the keywords and phrases your target audience is using to find content.

Content Is King

Creating relevant, engaging content that pulls in customers is the key to online marketing. When users come back to your site time and time again, it’s because they found what they were looking for and enjoyed the experience enough to keep coming back for more.

If you want to increase conversions and make your site more worthwhile, create content that is both valuable and consistent.

If you want to dive in to content creation with confidence, begin by looking at how other sites in your niche operate. Get inspired by what you see and hear, and make your own guides, how-to articles, and videos to share with your audience. If you want to go the extra mile and grow your audience, create content that is valuable, authoritative, and worth sharing.

Create Unique Value

When a user lands on your site and sees content that is not helpful or interesting, they will likely leave without taking further action. To prevent this, create content that is both helpful and unique. If you want to become the go-to source for information on your topic, create guides, how-to articles, and other types of content that will help users solve their problems, fast.

To add more value, consider creating affiliate products or offers that are tied to something unique, authoritative, or valuable in your niche. For example, if you are an affiliate marketer for luxury brands and people are searching for information about buying shoes, you could create an informative guide on how to buy the best pair of Louboutins, or offer a discount on your affiliate product when someone clicks a special button on your site.

Make It Easily Findable

The easier it is for users to find your content, the more likely they are to view it. To make sure it’s easily findable, use keywords and ensure the content is easy to understand. If you want to improve your SEO and make your content more discoverable, use backlinks — inbound links, essentially — to refer readers to your site. To find the backlinks and understand how they work, use a tool like If you want to take your marketing to the next level and grow your business successfully, learn how to use backlinks to improve your SEO and get your content to the top of the search results.

Build A Following

To build a following, you need to start by using your voice to speak to your target audience and establish yourself as an authoritative figure in your niche. Once you have a small audience, start creating content that is both valuable and consistent. Consider using tools like Hootsuite to build a community around your content.

These days, with the right content and tools, anyone can become an effective online marketer. Remember: knowledge is power, and having more knowledge on your side will only help you conquer opposition.