Marketing Online in Euskadi (Basque Country)

The best digital marketer in Euskadi (Basque Country)

The most successful companies live by a specific credo: be open to new ideas, go above and beyond what is expected of them, and use data to inform their decisions.

This is reflected in the marketing tactics used by these companies, which reflect a commitment to actionable insight rather than mass-marketed approaches and the use of superficial metrics.

To learn more, we contacted Richard Windsor, global CMO of HubSpot, who has extensive experience in business and marketing in Euskadi.

Why Are Companies In Euskadi Choosing To Market Online?

Today, there is a greater focus on marketing and sales online, and fewer companies are restricted by geographical boundaries or publication schedules.

Additionally, with the advancements in digital technology, marketing and sales tools have become much more accessible, enabling even small businesses to take advantage of these strategies.

These businesses, mostly online marketing agencies and digital agencies, play a vital role in the growth of your company. Indeed, without their involvement, executing a digital marketing plan would likely be much more difficult.

Which Types Of Marketing Succefully Changed The Game?

E-commerce marketing, SEO, and content marketing are all examples of successful marketing campaigns in the tech world that can be successfully replicated in other industries.

E-commerce marketing can be considered as one of the first forms of internet marketing. It first started as an experiment, when businesses like Amazon began to see the potential to sell their products online.

Searches using the best digital marketing agencies in Euskadi will tell you that focusing on customers, and not the advertisement, is the way to go.

Content marketing is also one of the first forms of internet marketing, and remains one of the most effective. Companies like HubSpot and Squarespace use content marketing to drive traffic to their websites, and in return, grow their businesses. 

What is content marketing? Put simply, content marketing is creating and distributing rich, valuable content to attract, engage, and delight customers.

In creating content, you should be considering the target audience that you are trying to reach. When done well, content marketing is extremely effective and affordable. It can be done manually, or with software such as Hootsuite that helps you schedule and disseminate content across all platforms (e.g. blogs, websites, PDFs, etc.).

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of getting your web content to show up when a user searches for your product or service online. Since the majority of customers discover products and services online through search, it becomes vital that you optimize your website for the best possible search rankings.

Getting back to Richard Windsor, global CMO of HubSpot, “SEO is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy if you want your content to be found by the right people. When done effectively, it can drive significant growth in terms of traffic and revenue. There are free tools like Google Analytics that make it easy to track the success of your SEO efforts.”

Last but not least, video content is on the rise. Companies like HubSpot and Squarespace, to name a few, use video content to welcome and educate customers about their products. Additionally, consumers tend to prefer video content since it is easier to consume and more effective at engaging an audience.

Customers have only limited attention spans, so if you want to grab their attention, you need to provide them with value quickly and in a format that is easy to consume.

How Does The Digital Marketing In Euskadi Differ From Traditional Marketing?

Although digital marketing largely operates in the digital sphere, it does not mean that it is only about websites and social media. In fact, traditional marketing methods such as outdoor advertising, television commercials, and magazine articles, still exist.

Additionally, not all online marketing is created equal, and different methods should be used depending on the nature of the product or service being marketed. Therefore, while SEO might be a viable strategy for a beauty product website, PR might be a better fit for a tech or digital agency.

The Importance of Data In Market Research

To answer the question “how does marketing in Euskadi differ from traditional marketing?”, we must first examine the role that data plays in each form of marketing.

Traditionally, market research consisted of interviews, focus groups, and surveys, among others. These methods were largely considered acceptable because they enabled the collection of data, which can then be analyzed and used to make informed decisions.

However, collecting and analyzing data manually is both time-consuming and error-prone, especially when trying to understand a market that is constantly evolving.

According to Richard Windsor, global CMO of HubSpot, “Data has become a crucial part of market research, especially as the world changes so quickly. Thanks to the internet and digital technologies, companies can collect and analyze data in a matter of minutes – or even seconds. This kind of speed allows for much more sophisticated analysis than was previously possible, making it easier to find the insights that matter most to decision-making.” 

Therefore, the ideal digital marketer in Euskadi will be both traditional and digital, utilizing all of the above methods to engage with customers, and arming themselves with data analysis tools to make more informed decisions.

The Rise Of Virtual Assistants

As stated above, the rise of the digital marketer in Euskadi is a direct result of the internet and the endless possibilities it provides. Since the internet provides businesses with the opportunity to tap into a potentially global audience, small businesses without the digital marketing resources or knowledge to effectively capitalize on this opportunity have been left behind.

To ensure that your business does not get left behind, virtual assistants (VAs) can play a crucial role. A VA is a freelancer who provides business-related services remotely via the internet.

Why are companies using VAs? The short answer is because they are cost-effective and offer more flexibility. When you outsource your marketing to a VA, you give your business the opportunity to focus on what is important, and leave the rest to the experts.

What are the main tasks that a virtual assistant will carry out for your business?

  • Scheduling appointments with clients
  • Taking calls from customers
  • Managing social media accounts

Each of these tasks can be considered as a micro-task, which is something that could be performed by a low-paid employee with minimal professional oversight. However, because they are being done remotely, VAs provide businesses with the opportunity to outsource these tasks, and gain the benefits of having a professional who can manage social media, take calls, and schedule appointments. The list of benefits go on.

The Most Succesful Companies In Euskadi

Thanks to the internet and advancements in technology, we have been able to identify the most successful companies in Euskadi. Since these companies have the financial wherewithal to invest in expensive tools and software, we can assume that their revenues and profit margins are also very high.

This also means that all of these companies have highly capable, experienced, and ambitious marketers and digital marketers driving their strategies. They are not just limited to online marketing either, as many of these companies have significantly expanded into other industries, and use their tried and tested tactics to achieve international success.

If your goal is to become the best digital marketer in Euskadi, consider breaking into small businesses that can be a challenge for a traditional marketing agency. Alternatively, you can also build a brand for yourself by creating and distributing high-quality content regularly. Either way, be sure to find the sweet spot where your expertise lies, and don’t be afraid to flex your creative muscles.