Best Online Marketing Courses – The Ultimate Guide

With the Covid restrictions slowly being lifted, more and more people are looking to improve their prospects of gaining a quality job in marketing. The ability to identify key marketing skills and gain in-demand knowledge is now more accessible than ever before.

Whether you’re an ambitious undergrad looking to complete a thesis project or an experienced marketing professional seeking training to boost your career, you can now access a wealth of online marketing knowledge virtually.

To help you make the right choice, we’ve curated an extensive list of the best online marketing courses available, from beginner to expert level.

Best For Newcomers

If you’re looking to further your education and gain essential marketing skills, you’ll find a wealth of information online. Some of the best marketing degrees available are American University’s Digital Marketing degree, which can be fully accredited, and Duke University’s Marketing Science degree.

Duke’s marketing science program provides you with the opportunity to specialise in analytics, marketing research, and business modeling, and it’s one of the most well-recognised online marketing degrees out there. American University’s digital marketing degree, which can be accredited also, is a great choice for those looking for a well-rounded education in digital marketing.

Best For Job Seekers

For career-minded individuals looking to further their marketing knowledge, studying online is the clear winner. With so much information available online, why go to school when you can learn at your own pace and from the best instructors?

Mastering digital marketing is becoming an essential skill for those seeking to enter the field. Job-seeking participants can gain in-demand digital marketing knowledge via MIT’s Open Online Courses. These are freely available and highly valued by job-seeking participants.

Not only will you gain the essential knowledge needed to successfully enter the field, but you’ll also be able to customise your study to fit around your existing responsibilities. For example, if you’re currently working in marketing, you might want to focus on marketing metrics and management, and avoid the theory and concepts that you might learn in a digital marketing course.

Similarly, if you’re looking to specialise in Google AdWords, you might want to consider looking at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT’s) Online Learning Initiative (formerly Open Online Courses) course for beginners. This will get you up and running quickly and allow you to develop practical knowledge and understanding of digital marketing and online advertising through detailed tutorials, hands-on activities, and quizzes.

If you’re looking for in-demand job opportunities, consider looking at the following marketing jobs to see if they are advertised and if so, how to apply: