Marketing Graduate Degrees Online: A Step-by-Step Guide

With the majority of employment being found in fields linked to technology and the Internet, it is clear that students pursuing a marketing-related education would be well-served.

No longer is a Bachelor of Science in Marketing required, and with so much change and innovation in the field, students need to stay ahead of the curve to have a successful career.

Degrees relating to marketing continue to rise in popularity each year, and with the most in-demand jobs being in areas such as digital marketing, social media, and campaign management, it would appear that this is a degree that can truly be beneficial to anyone.

The Growth Of Online Education

The growth of online education is evident across all sectors, with the most popular online MBA programs attracting over 100,000 student enrollees worldwide, and over 30,000 students currently enrolled in an online marketing program.

It is clear that students are taking advantage of the convenience and flexibility that online degree programs provide, and with the majority of the work that is required being online learning, there is little to no effect on students’ daily schedules.

What Is Marketing?

Decades ago, the field of marketing was synonymous with television commercials, billboards, magazine spreads, and radio broadcasts. However, thanks to the rise of digital marketing and online marketing, as well as the introduction of new technologies like cookies and pixels, the field of marketing has changed significantly.

Digital marketing is the field of marketing that involves leveraging digital technologies (i.e., the Internet, social media, mobile phones, and digital cameras) to generate commercial revenue. Its chief objectives include attracting customers, engaging with audiences, and converting website traffic into paying customers and social media followers.

In addition to the above, marketing is also the process of finding and stimulating interest in a product or service among a potential customer base. The goal is to increase the purchase of a product or service without ever leaving the comfort of their homes.

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Why Learn Marketing?

If you are interesting in pursuing a career in marketing, here are a few reasons why you should do so:

  • The Demand For Marketing Professionals – Thanks to the continued innovation and changes in the field, the demand for marketing professionals remains high. This has led to a steady rise in both entry-level and experienced job opportunities, as well as elevated the importance of a marketing education.
  • The Growth Of Digital Marketing – The field of digital marketing continues to grow, with over 190 occupations and 12.5% annual growth predicted for 2022.
  • The Demand For Specialized Marketing Training – With so much specialization and new technologies being adopted, there is a distinct lack of general marketing education available for students to pursue a career in.
  • The Opportunity To Gain Experience – One of the main reasons why students decide to pursue a marketing education is to gain extensive experience by working for a company or university that offers a marketing degree. Even though it may be impossible to gain significant practical experience without a firm placement, working for a marketing firm that offers an online degree will enable students to gain valuable experience without needing to be based so far away from home.
  • The Ability To Study While Working – Thanks to the pandemic and the change in working habits, many students are now able to pursue a career while also studying. Thanks to online tutoring platforms like, it is now possible to earn a high school diploma while also working full-time as a barista or in a restaurant. In fact, over 500,000 students study online through, and many universities, such as the University of Melbourne, permit or even encourage students to undertake their studies while working. This trend is likely to continue as both students and working adults want to maximize their time available for learning and work.

What Are The Main Job Opportunities In Marketing?

The rise of digital marketing and online marketing means that there are now more job opportunities than ever in the field of marketing. With over 190 occupations and 12.5% annual growth predicted for 2022, it would appear that the demand for marketing professionals is here to stay.

The jobs available in marketing are varied and can vary in skill sets, however, most marketing professionals will have acquired at least some basic skills through an undergraduate degree in marketing, and many will have gained further experience through post-graduate study or professional work. Some of the most in-demand occupations in marketing are:

  • Marketing Research – This is usually done through market research and analysis, including analyzing data from market research surveys, creating customer personas, and marketing funnels.
  • Digital Marketing Campaign Manager / Chief Digital Strategist – A digital marketing campaign manager is generally responsible for the conception, planning, and implementation of marketing campaigns using digital marketing techniques, including advertising, email marketing, and mobile marketing.
  • Marketing Analyst – This is usually done through the analysis of market data, such as consumer behavior, trends, and the performance of competitors.
  • Marketing Manager – This is usually done through the planning and execution of marketing programs, including advertising and promotions.
  • Marketing Operations Officer – This is usually done through the planning and analysis of marketing and sales operations, including marketing budgets and monitoring the performance of marketing campaigns.
  • Brand Manager – A brand manager is usually responsible for the marketing strategies and campaigns relating to a brand or product.
  • Champion For Change – A champion for change is usually responsible for leading and inspiring people to take action and make a positive change.
  • Public Relations Officer / Strategist – This is usually done through providing strategic counsel to senior management on a range of public issues, as well as managing corporate relations and communications.
  • Chief Marketing Officer – This is usually done through the implementation and oversight of marketing plans, the creation of marketing campaigns, and the management of marketing resources. He/she usually oversees marketing strategy, and can lead the marketing function, including budgeting and measuring the performance of the marketing team.

The Advantages Of An Online Marketing Degree

The advantages of an online marketing degree are many, with thousands of students worldwide taking advantage of the opportunity to learn at their own convenience. Traditional brick-and-mortar universities have adjusted their teaching schedules to accomodate students who wish to study online, meaning that students can now access a variety of courses and learning materials without needing to be restricted to certain days and times.

Thanks to the flexibility of online learning, students now have the opportunity to study at their own convenience. Thanks to the wide range of courses available online, as well as the ability to study during the school day or at night, students can optimize their study time and increase the chances of getting a high score on an examination.

Many students enjoy the convenience of being able to study online. The ability to work part-time and/or take a few hours off during the week to study and complete assignments means that students can better balance their studies and work commitments.

Thanks to advancements in technology, a greater number of students are also able to gain valuable work experience through internships and co-ops, further enhancing their employability.

An online marketing degree means that you can apply for a job in almost any sector, as many reputable firms and businesses now offer remote work opportunities. Thanks to continuous innovation and industry changes, students can rest assured that they will always have a job in the field.

The Disadvantages Of An Online Marketing Degree

Although there are many advantages to an online marketing degree, there are also several disadvantages. One of the biggest issues is the lack of contact with real-world industry professionals that a student might be expected to network with during their studies. Even though some of the most reputable and highest-ranked universities worldwide have adjusted their teaching methods to incorporate more online learning, there is still an element of traditional classroom learning that is included in most bachelor’s degrees.