What is Facebook Marketing Software?

Facebook Marketing Software, or “Facebook Ads Management,” is software that helps businesses run their advertising on the world’s largest social media platform. Although the name may suggest otherwise, the software is not actually a standalone application that you download and install on your own computer. Instead, it’s a web-based tool that functions directly through your web browser.

Why would you want to use Facebook Marketing Software? The platform is free, so there’s no financial reason not to use it. Additionally, Facebook’s official website boasts that the software allows users to create ads that perform better than the ads created through Facebook’s classic interface. Since the software is built upon web technology, it also makes more efficient use of your time than installing and using an ad manager application separately.

How Does Facebook Ads Management Work?

The Facebook Ads Management software is actually made up of two tools: a dashboard and an ad editor. The dashboard acts as your central base camp, from which you can monitor the performance of all your ad campaigns. The dashboard also provides you with vital information about the users who saw your ads and whether or not they actually interacted with the content you were promoting. Any feedback you get from within the dashboard is valuable and allows you to make better marketing decisions.

The ad editor is where you come for inspiration. Like a word processor, the ad editor allows you to craft the perfect ad from scratch, with features that make crafting an appealing video easy and as quick as possible. Think of it as a cross between a word processor and an ad-creation tool. You’ll have the ability to write your ad copy, choose the right images and videos to include in your ad, and even add call-to-actions (CTAs) to direct people to specific sections of your site. When you’re finished, you can upload your ad to be viewed by the rest of the world.

What Platform Is Facebook Ads Management On?

Facebook Ads Management is available for use through a web browser on any device. There are no requirements for download or installation.

For most users, a web browser on a desktop or laptop computer will be their preferred method of accessing the dashboard. However, the tool can also be accessed through a mobile device. If you have a smartphone, you can use the Facebook Ads website through the tool for viewing dashboard content or you can set up posts on your Facebook page through the tool for easy access from within the app.

Key Benefits of Using Facebook Ads Management

In the world of online marketing, no tool is more important than Facebook Ads Management. Not only does it provide a wealth of information about the effectiveness of your various ad campaigns, but it also gives you an opportunity to analyze and track the results of all your marketing efforts across several platforms.

Here are just some of the benefits that marketers can enjoy by using Facebook Ads Management:

1. An Opportunity To Test Different Layouts And Design

In the world of digital marketing, your website is your most important tool for gaining exposure. Like a painter who mixes colors to experiment with different shades, you can use the different layout options and designs within Facebook Ads to see what effects they have upon a viewer. You may find that a simple white background with blue accents gives you a nice contrast against the bright blue of many marketing campaigns. Alternatively, you may choose to try out a green background to mirror the color of your logo or the company that you represent.

2. Data-Driven Decisions

The first key benefit of using Facebook Ads Management is that it provides you with a lot of data. Not only do you get to view detailed statistics about each of your ad campaigns, but you can explore key performance indicators (KPIs) that allow you to track the results of your various marketing activities. This includes everything from the number of times your ad was viewed to the amount of revenue that was generated from your ad spend. With this information, you can make better decisions about your marketing strategy and determine how much more effective you are than you were the previous week. This is vital when trying to determine the ROI (return on investment) of your various marketing efforts.

3. Insights Into User Behavior

The second important benefit of using Facebook Ads Management is that it provides you with a lot of insight into user behavior. In addition to the basic stats that you see on the dashboard, you get to explore key metrics that reveal how your various ads are performing. For example, you may want to examine the CTR (click-through rate) for your ads to get a sense of how effective your strategy is at capturing the attention of users.

4. An Opportunity To Experiment With Different Marketing Channels

A savvy marketer will always look for ways to maximize their return on investment (ROI) by testing different marketing channels and seeing which ones deliver the best results. The ability to run A/B (alternative/split) testing with Facebook Ads means that you can quickly and easily experiment with different approaches to see which one performs best. For example, you may want to see if videos with a call-to-action attached to them perform better than text-based ads.

5. Keep Track Of All Your Marketing Efforts

The last benefit of using Facebook Ads Management is that it allows you to keep track of all your marketing efforts across several platforms. You can see all the ads that you’ve created on one page so that you can easily monitor the results of your various campaigns. Additionally, you can use the tool to create ads that will work on multiple platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, which can help to increase your reach to the largest audience possible.

To put it simply, there are many benefits to using Facebook Ads Management, not the least of which is the fact that it’s free.

Top Marketing Channels

There are eleven (11) marketing channels that you can use to reach your target audience on Facebook. You can also use these channels to learn more about your users and gain a better understanding of what resonates with them. Keep in mind though that if you want to learn more about your users, you have to be specific about what you want to learn. For example, you may want to find out about their ages, genders, interests, and occupations.

Here’s a look at each of the marketing channels and the benefits that they provide:

1. Video

The first and most popular of the marketing channels on Facebook is video. The world’s largest social network makes it very easy for you to share and watch videos. Since videos can be used to capture an audience’s attention more quickly than text-based content or an image, video is a great platform for marketing.

Not only does video provide a quick and easy way to grab attention, but it also provides a good opportunity to showcase your products or services. If you’re using video as part of an advertising campaign, you can also use specific tools within the Facebook dashboard to learn more about your audience’s interests and behaviors.

2. Photo

The Instagram story feature makes it easy for people to share images with their followers. This is a massive benefit to businesses who want to use the platform to grow their audience and connect with potential customers. Since people love to share images that are eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing, many businesses choose to use photos within their marketing efforts.

As with any social media platform, people like to follow and interact with businesses that they feel sympathy or an affinity for. This could be because of a shared interest in a particular subject matter or a perceived connection that the user feels toward the brand or business that they follow. When a photo is used to promote a product or service, the goal is generally to have the viewer interact with or learn something from the content. Businesses can use this to their advantage by creating content that is helpful or provides useful information to their followers.

3. Product

If you have a product that you want to promote, you can use Facebook’s “Product” marketing channel to reach your audience. With product ads, you can choose from a variety of products to promote, including books, electronics, appliances, and toys. Since the Product marketing channel puts the focus squarely upon your product, this is a good option for businesses that want to learn more about the interests of their target audience.

You can also use the Product marketing channel to run A/B testing, which allows you to compare the performance of two (2) different versions of an ad in order to determine which one is more effective.