Online Marketing Extension Courses: Are They Worth Your Time and Money?

If you’re considering further education beyond the requirements for your current job, you might be wondering if an online marketing extension course is a worthwhile investment of your time and money. While there are pros and cons to both options, here are a few things to think about before you make up your mind.


One of the most important things to consider when deciding whether to take an online marketing course is your existing skills. What are your current strengths and weaknesses? Does the course you’re considering taking cover skills you already have or are proficient in? Or does it require you to learn new things?

For instance, if you’re already a social media expert and understand the basics of SEO, you might be able to get a lot out of an SEO course. But if you lack basic computer skills or interface knowledge, you might end up wasting your time and money without improving your overall position.

The Cost Of Education

Another important consideration when weighing the pros and cons of further education is the cost. Just like with most other things in life, there is a price to pay for everything. Just remember that the price of education does not always equal the cost of tuition. There are various scholarships and grants available that can help you reduce the financial burden.

For example, the John Deere Scholarship provided by the John Deere Foundation offers full payment of tuition for up to four years of degree-seeking. The foundation also provides $10,000 annually for living expenses for up to four years of study. Even if you don’t want to take advantage of these scholarships, you still might be able to lower your tuition fees by researching loans and grants that are available through your university.

How Is The Course Structured?

An important factor to consider when deciding whether or not to take an online marketing course is the structure. Some of the courses you’ll find are completely online, while others involve a significant amount of live, in-person learning. Which one you’ll end up in depends on the instructor and the course’s objective. Typically, if you want to become an expert in digital marketing, you’ll have to undertake some form of live, in-person training.

What Is The Career Prospects For Those Who Graduate From This Course?

If you decide to pursue a career in digital marketing, understanding what is possible and likely after you graduate is important. An important thing to note is that, with some courses, you won’t be immediately placed in a job. Instead, you’ll have to navigate the job market and prove yourself first.

Since 2008, the number of people who graduate with a digital marketing certificate has grown by 69%. In 2018, there were almost 19,000 students who took part in the program worldwide, with over 6,800 students in the United States alone. Several of the world’s leading universities, including the University of Pennsylvania and Cornell University, have launched intensive, on-campus digital marketing programs in recent years, signaling a growing demand in the job market.

If you’re looking for a career in a traditional marketing role, you should also consider the various marketing degrees that are available. With over 500,000 active monthly learners, the University of Warwick’s Marketing School is one of the top 30 largest marketing schools in the world. It also offers a unique hybrid degree that allows you to graduate with a marketing certificate and an associate degree.

What Are The Most Popular Fields For This Course?

Another factor to consider when deciding whether or not to take an online marketing course is the popularity of the field. Just like with any other job, the field you decide to enter as a career will most likely determine the kind of work you’ll be doing. So, if you’re contemplating a career in marketing, it’s important to research the various specialties and what is required to enter the field. Just keep in mind that not everything in life can be easily categorized.

The Global Digital Marketing Survey 2018 found that while 40% of marketers think their main area of responsibility is building marketing campaigns, only 16% are actually doing this. Marketing strategy is a vital step in the process, and without a clear idea of how each campaign will perform, the results are likely to be disappointing.

Since 2008, the demand for SEO specialists has increased by 41%, while the number of jobs has only increased by 17%. In other words, if you know SEO and can pass a basic test, you could potentially find success in the SEO job market.

Are There Any Shortcuts To Becoming A Marketing Expert?

Finally, you might be wondering if there are any shortcuts to becoming an expert in digital marketing. Is there any quick-fix solution that will make you an overnight expert?

If you’re looking for a shortcut, you might be tempted to try an online marketing course that offers a speedy route to your desired outcome. After all, not everything in life requires as much research and homework as it takes to become an expert in something. Unfortunately, most of these courses are not designed to turn a layperson into an expert. Instead, they aim to teach you the fundamental skills that you need to enter the field. While you’ll undoubtedly learn a great deal from these courses, you might not become an expert in the field of marketing.

Based on your existing skills, it’s recommended that you take a look at the various marketing degrees that are available. If you can’t decide which one is right for you, consider finding a tutor who can help you decide which program is the best fit for your needs.